Chaise Housley

The Ohio State University Medical Center

"Emergency EKG's: An E-Book for Students by Students"
SAEMF Emergency Medicine Medical Student Interest Group Grant


The objective of this project is to teach medical students at any level in their training how to interpret EKG’s. EKG reading is a skill that can be forgotten or lost if it is not reviewed often. This resource will have all levels of difficulty starting from standard, less complicated EKG’s and ending with difficult, and less commonly seen, EKG’s. Since this resource will be in an E-book format, it will be easy to use and interactive, creating an enjoyable and efficient learning environment that cannot otherwise be obtained through a textbook or a lecture.

Research Results

The long-term goals of this project include making the E-Book available to all medical students and professionals, irrespective of institution. The benefit of the iBook format is that the E-Book will be available to anyone with an apple device and access to the Apple iBook store. After one simple download, the E-Book will be accessible at any time and will not even require an Internet connection. Additionally, the E-Book may eventually get to a point where other institutions can begin submitting EKGs to add to the ever-growing database. This potential for perpetual growth will allow students to continue to utilize this resource well into the future.