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The mission of AACEM is to enhance and support academic departments of Emergency Medicine as they improve health care through high-quality education and research.


  • Providing guidance for the administration and operation of existing and new academic departments of emergency medicine.
  • Discovering and disseminating resources for the growth and development of academic emergency medicine departments and chairs.
  • Facilitating leadership development in academic emergency medicine.
  • Developing partnerships and cooperative relationships with other organizations and societies to advance and advocate for academic emergency medicine. 

AACEM Strategic Plan

2015-2016 AACEM Executive Committee

Gregory A. Volturo, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Richard D. Zane, MD
University of Colorado-Denver


Theodore R. Delbridge, MD, MPH
The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Immediate Past President
Andy S. Jagoda, MD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Members at Large
Michael D. Brown, MD, MSc
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Andrew S. Nugent, MD
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

SAEM BOD Liaison
Debora B. Diercks, MD, MSc

SAEM Staff Liaisons
Megan Schagrin, CEO

Kat Nagaswa


AACEM Membership

Established in 1989, the AACEM mission is to enhance and support academic departments of emergency medicine as they improve healthcare through high-quality education and research. To be considered for full-active membership, you must be a member of SAEM along with serving as a full, acting, or interim chair of a department of emergency medicine in an LCME accredited medical school in the United States or Canada.The benefits of AACEM membership includes participation in:

  • Current issues and discussions the listserve
  • Cutting-edge and topical presentations, didactics, discussion groups, and mentorship opportunities relevant to the challenges of serving as chair of an academic department of Emergency Medicine through a three-day retreatNetworking at the AACEM Reception and Dinner, held in conjunction with the SAEM Annual Meeting.
  • Networking at the AACEM Reception and Dinner, held in conjunction with the SAEM Annual Meeting.

These unique opportunities are available only to AACEM members. The annual dues are $1,000.

To request membership, please forward the following information to

  • Title at current university
  • Name of emergency medicine residency program
  • Listing of degrees


AACEM Bylaws
AACEM Community Page