2021 SAEMF Annual Alliance Donors

For gifts and pledges between January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021

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Each year we are able to make a significant investment in emergency medicine’s future by funding more than $670,000 in grants. This is only possible through the generosity of our Annual Alliance donors. A special thanks to these visionary donors who make the SAEM Foundation’s work possible and who are partnering with us to award more, and larger grants. Commit yearly to the Foundation by joining a community of like-minded individual’s intent on producing quality research and education that will change the future of the specialty.




Steven L. Bernstein, MD
Michelle Blanda, MD
Drs. Gail D'Onofrio and Robert Galvin
James F. Holmes, Jr., MD, MPH
James J. McCarthy, MD
Ali S. Raja, MD
Megan N. Schagrin, MBA, CAE, CFRE
Joseph Adrian Tyndall, MD, MPH
Gregory A. Volturo, MD
Richard E. Wolfe, MD – in memory of Peter Rosen, MD
Brian J. Zink, MD – in memory of Audrey Zink

Sustaining Donors

Anonymous (1)
Thomas C. Arnold, MD
Steven Bernstein, MD – In honor of E. John Gallagher, MD
Steven B. Bird, MD and AnneMarie Bird – In honor of Dr. Peter Rosen
James E. Brown, Jr., MD
Charles B. Cairns, MD
Brian Hiestand, MD, MPH
Robert S. Hockberger, MD
James W. Hoekstra, MD
Amy H. Kaji, MD, PhD
Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH
Michelle Lall, MD, MHS
Louis J. Ling, MD
Ian B.K. Martin, MD, MBA – In honor of Ms. Gladys I. Martin
Roland Clayton Merchant, MD
Angela M. Mills, MD
Andrew S. Nugent, MD
Ali S. Raja, MD
Niels K. Rathlev, MD
Kirsten L. Rounds, RN, MS
Michael S. Runyon, MD, MPH – In memory of John A. Marx, MD
David Sklar, MD – In memory of Lou Binder, MD and John Marx, MD
J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD

Advocate Donors

Srikar R. Adhikari, MD, MS
Harrison J. Alter, MD, MS
Andra L. Blomkalns, MD, MBA
Chris Carpenter, MD, MSc and Panechanh Carpenter
Anna Marie Chang, MD
Carl R. Chudnofsky, MD and Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Wendy C. Coates, MD
Jim Comes, MD
Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc
Gregory J. Fermann, MD
Nina Gentile, MD
Azita Hamedani, MD, MPH, MBA and the BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine
Kevin Kotkowski, MD, MBA
Phillip D. Levy, MD
Robert F. McCormack, MD
Joseph Miller, MD
Nicholas M. Mohr, MD
Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD
Brian J. O'Neil, MD
Edward A. Panacek, MD, MPH
Arthur Pancioli, MD
Peter S. Pang, MD – in honor of Yung-soo and Jungsook Pang
Elizabeth M. Schoenfeld, MD, MS
David C. Seaberg, MD
Peter E. Sokolove, MD
Stan Vashovsky
Jody Vogel, MD, MSc, MSW
David W. Wright, MD

Mentor Donors

Jeffrey Caterino, MD
Theodore Chan, MD
Robert Eisenstein, MD
Prasanthi (Prasha) Govindarajan, MD, MAS
Babak Khazaeni, MD
Terry Kowalenko, MD
Bryn Mumma, MD, MAS
Ralph J. Riviello, MD, MS
Benjamin Sun, MD, MPP

Young Professional

Brian Chinnock, MD
Daniel J. Egan, MD
Robert Ehrman, MD, MS
Raymond Fowler, MD
Benjamin Friedman, MD
Colin Greineder, MD
Jason Hoppe, DO
Danielle M. McCarthy, MD, MS
Vicken Y. Totten, MD, MS

Resident Donors

Coming soon!

Medical Student Donors

Coming soon!

All Additional Donors

Anonymous (4)
John Burkhardt, MD
Eric Cioe-Pena, MD, MPH
Devjani Das, MD
Fiona E. Gallahue, MD
Katrina Gipson, MD, MPH
Yiju Teresa Liu, MD
Kat Nagasawa, MBA
Pledgeling Foundation
Livia Santiago-Rosado, MD
Daniel L. Theodoro, MD
Nancy E. Wood, MS