Jestin N. Carlson, MD, MS

Gannon University

“Comparison of the Visual Centers of Attention of Experienced VS Novice Providers”
SAEMF Education Research Grant


Current techniques for teaching acute care providers to run resuscitations are limited to general feedback after an encounter (simulated or live) and lack focused and objective detail.  Previous work has suggested that experienced providers focus on different aspects of the environment with less variability in focal points than novice individuals. Data examining visual centers of attention in the simulated cardiac arrest setting are lacking. It is thought that experienced acute care providers follow these same trends where focused visual centers of attention are a marker of proficiency and may translate into safer patient care. The hypothesis is that experienced providers will have a more focused visual center of attention than novice providers. The aim of this study is to determine if there are differences between novice and experienced acute care providers’ visual centers of attention during cardiac arrest resuscitation.


Research Results

Dr. Carlson has been able to pilot test various point of view cameras on 6 and have selected a specific set of point of view cameras for use in the study.  Dr. Carlson has enrolled 14 participants (7 novice and 7 experienced) in the study. Dr. Carlson continues to enroll participants after the award period to ensure an adequate sample size for this work.  


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