There are eight academies of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine that are dedicated to advancing academics in the subspecialty areas of emergency medicine. SAEM academies may provide grants in research or education in partnership with the SAEM Foundation to increase knowledge in these targeted areas of emergency medicine. Academy grants offerings are listed under What We Fund when available.

New Grants

Academies that wish to start a new grant program must follow the guidelines for creating Academy Grants Through the SAEM Foundation. Please work with SAEM Foundation staff and your staff liaison to submit the Letter of Intent and Request For Applications by the appropriate deadline.


Timeline is subject to change from year to year.

October 1: Letter of Intent (LOI) due to grants@saem.org

December 18: Decision on LOI

March 1: RFA submitted to Board of Trustees (must also have funds secured by this date)

April 22: Decision on RFA

May 31: RFA posted on website

August 1: Grant applications due