Grant Writing Webinars

The Funding Landscape with Some Advice on How to Get Funded

Recorded on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Benjamin Abella, MD, Phil


Grant Mechanics: An Introduction to the NIH Process

Recorded on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Jeremy Brown, MD


Specific Aims Pages: The Story of Your Science

Recorded on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Anne M. Libby, PhD


The Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Recorded on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Andrew A. Monte, MD, PhD


How Grants are Scored

Recorded on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Jeffrey A. Kline, MD

Better Biographical Sketches

Recorded on: April 27, 2018

Speakers: Anne Libby, PhD and Andrew Monte, MD

The NIH Biographical Sketch (“biosketch”) is a structured 5 page document that describes the experience, training, and suitability of study investigators. It is more than a list of dates and places, this is a critical document to engage reviewers with the study team and their expertise. The "Investigator" is a scored grant element and a solid biosketch can improve your priority score. Outside of NIH, many funders ask for this document with proposals and it can be useful for research-oriented snapshots as opposed to a CV. Participants will learn how to optimize their NIH biosketch specifically improving the “personal statement” and the “contributions to science” sections, and how to strategically tailor the biosketch for specific grant purposes.


Get Funded! How to Plan Your Successful Grant Submission

Recorded on April 18, 2018

Speakers: Bhakti Hansoti, MBChB, MPH; Courtney Jones, PhD, MPH; Muhammad Waseem, MD, MS, CHSE;  Caroline Freiermuth, MD; Bryn Mumma, MD, MAS
Moderator: Andrew Chang, MD, MS, SAEM Grants Committee Chair

Are you considering applying for an SAEM Foundation grant but not sure where to start? Looking for expert advice on how to help your grant application stand out in a crowd? Whether you are new to the grant-writing process or seeking ideas on how to increase the impact of future grant applications, please watch “Get Funded! How to Plan Your Successful Grant Submission.” Our expert panel, with a history of successful grant-writing success, will explore key elements of the grant application in short didactic presentations, followed by Q&A sessions.