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Erin Elizabeth Dehon, PhD

“The Development of a Clinical Teaching Evaluation and Feedback Tool for Physicians”

2016 Education Research Grant - $10,000


Formative evaluations of clinical teaching for EM faculty are nonexistent or not validated. Existing validated tools for faculty focus on an entire rotation or year and are summative in nature. These types of evaluations are useful in providing a comprehensive assessment of the faculty’s teaching skills, but they are usually lacking in specific feedback which may cause faculty to view it as unusable. The PI’s long-term goal is to identify novel methods of improving faculty teaching in the emergency department. For this study, we will develop a robust evaluation and feedback tool that will facilitate the provision of specific and actionable feedback and ultimately lead to improvements in clinical teaching. Our specific aim is to apply the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) standards of test development to develop a reliable and valid tool for evaluating

and providing feedback about clinical teaching in the Emergency Department at the end of a shift. The hypothesis is that application of scientifically based guidelines will allow for the creation of a robust measure of clinical teaching with sound reliability and validity. This study will lay the groundwork for a randomized controlled trial to determine the efficacy of a real-time structured feedback intervention in Emergency Medicine faculty.

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