Grand Rounds and Honoraria 

Honorarium and Speakers’ Fees Donation Information


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Award Recipients and Conference Speakers who receive speaker fees or honoraria may choose to donate the prize to one or more of the designated Funds of the SAEM Foundation, including the General Fund, Research Fund, Education Fund, or one of the many other Funds administered on behalf of SAEMF.

If you wish to donate your honorarium, and potentially avoid the taxable income, you must designate that the paying organization transfer the honorarium directly to the SAEM Foundation. By submitting a request to re-direct your honorarium directly to SAEM Foundation, you will not need to complete a W-8 or W-9 tax form. If you accept the honorarium check, the honorarium may become taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor for official regulations on donating honorarium and speakers’ fees. 

The SAEM Foundation routinely handles arrangements for honorarium recipients who desire to ‘re-purpose’ their honorarium for a good cause. If you would like to designate your award/speaker honorarium, please download and complete the Honorarium and Speakers Fees Donation Form and email a copy to the organization you are receiving the award from and to the SAEM Foundation at, fax it to 847-813-5450 or by mail at the address below. 

The SAEM Foundation will recognize your generosity by publishing your name in the Honoraria Giving section of its publications. You may also qualify for recognition in other donor recognition groups. Your donation may remain anonymous at your request.

If you have questions regarding this contribution to the SAEM Foundation, please call the Foundation office at (847) 257-7233.

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