SAEM Grants Guide and Directory

Although not a substitute for good mentorship and career guidance, the following is a guide to research grants and funding sources with several links to internal and external resources. This Guide and Directory was compiled by the SAEM Research Committee.


A. Why do I want grant?
A first good step when applying for a grant is to consider what your goals are.

  1. Get training in research
  2. Answer a small research question
  3. Build my research career
  4. Become an “independent investigator”
  5. Help develop a new pharmaceutical/medical device

B. What grants are appropriate for my stage of career?
Certain grants are targeted towards investigators at different stages of their career.

  1. Medical student
  2. Resident
  3. Fellow/Junior Faculty 
  4. Established Investigator
  5. Overview of a Typical Career Pathway
  6. Places to Search For Grants

C. How do I go about writing a grant?
Once you have an idea of which grant you want to apply for, get to it!

  1. Laying the Groundwork
  2. Anatomy of a Grant
  3. Grantwriting Advice
  4. Examples of successful grants