Nominations for Study Section Reviewers

Emergency Medicine faculty comprises only 0.3% of NIH study sections. We have to do better! In addition to the Early Career Reviewer (ECR) program, the NIH is now allowing scientific societies to recommend expert reviewers from various career stages to serve on study sections through its new Scientific Society – Reviewer Recommendations program. Help us fill study sections with emergency medicine investigators by nominating yourself or another expert for a study section by September 30th. With more EM investigators on study sections, there will be more opportunities for emergency care investigators to succeed.

Apply to SAEM


Scientific Society Reviewer Recommendation Portal

Early Career Reviewer (ECR) Program

Application Process

SAEM nominates vetted candidates through NIH Scientific Society Reviewer portal

Candidate nominates themselves through NIH portal (see below)

Years on Faculty

Faculty should have been on faculty long enough to be viewed as active productive experts in their field. No specific faculty rank however is required.

Full time faculty member for at least 2 years

Faculty Rank

Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors are eligible (Diverse backgrounds and career states encouraged)

Assistant Professor or equivalent role (Associate Professors are not eligible)

Research Program

Active independent research program

Active independent research program

Publication Record

No specified requirements. Publication record will be reviewed as evidence of active research program.

At least 1 senior author publication in peer review journal in last 2 years plus at least 1 additional senior author publication since receiving doctorate.

NIH Study Section Experience

Must not currently be a standing member of an NIH study section or advisory council.

Must not have ever served on NIH study section previously in any capacity.

NIH Grant History

Applicants currently with extramural funding are viewed favorably although recent history of extramural funding is also satisfactory. Extramural funding by NIH funding is not a requirement.

Have not held an R01 or R01 equivalent (R35, R37, RF1, R23, R29, DP1, DP2, DP5, U01, RL1) grant in the PD/PI role.

NIH Grant Submission History

Not applicable

Must have submitted a grant proposal in the PI/PD role to the NIH and received the associated summary statement

Previous Grant Review Experience

Previous experience as a grant reviewer for SAEM, EMF, NIH or other professional organization is helpful

Not required.

Information Required for the Application
  • NIH Commons ID
  • CV (Optional)
  • Terms that describe scientific expertise
  • Terms that describe methodological expertise
  • Select 3 relevant NIH student sections
  • NIH Commons ID
  • CV
  • Terms that describe scientific expertise
  • Terms that describe your technical/methodological skills
  • Select 4 CSR (Center for Scientific Review) study sections that match your expertise

Application Cycle

Not applicable

Must update information in database at NIH yearly or it will be removed.

Application site

Membership on an NIH Study Section is a four-year commitment involving three meetings a year.