The mission of AACEM is to support the academic chairs of emergency medicine in their roles as leaders, educators, and innovators in healthcare delivery.


To be the essential resource for the successful academic chair of emergency medicine.

AACEM’s Desired Future:

To empower each chair of academic emergency medicine to be the most valued leader of their academic center. AACEM is a vital resource for chairs in academic emergency medicine and is instrumental in helping them achieve their mission as leaders. AACEM, through its programs and resources, facilitates the chairs' success in achieving their educational, research, clinical, and community service missions. AACEM also serves as a valued resource in gathering, analyzing, and disseminating key metrics that define the key aspects of academic medical center emergency medicine departments’ performance, quality, and financial stability. These metrics provide the benchmarks which establish best practices in academic emergency medicine. By virtue of promoting success, AACEM helps to secure the critical role played by its members locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Association provides indispensable ongoing professional development throughout the members' tenure as chair. It ensures that new and established chairs have access to the tools needed to maximize their effectiveness as leaders. AACEM promotes networking between its members by Page 3 providing virtual and in-person forums for the sharing of information and experience; as well as promotes networking between its member and other constituents in academic medicine, healthcare, and in the communities served. Access to knowledge is made available through meetings, retreats, mentorship programs, and web based seminars and libraries. AACEM is an established and trusted resource on education, research, and the delivery of emergency care at academic medical centers and is sought after by both medical and nonmedical organizations for its expertise and guidance.


Professional Development

Goal: AACEM is recognized as an essential contributor to the personal and professional development of current and future chairs.


  1. Increase the number of women participating in the Chair Development Program (CDP).
  2. Enhance the topic selection for the retreat and other programs.
  3. Mentorship program for new chairs.


Goal: AACEM will serve as the primary networking resource for academic chairs.


  1. Increase networking opportunities for members.
  2. Enhance orientation for new members.
  3. Enhance collaborations with strategic organizations.
  4. Increase networking opportunities for vice-chairs.

Library of Resources

Goal: All academic emergency medicine chairs utilize AACEM’s Resource Library to achieve success.


  1. Increase understanding of what is valuable to our members.
  2. Increase usability of resources.
  3. Enhance reliability of resources.
  4. Proactively distribute information in the ways our members want to receive it.
  5. Increase visibility of resources.

Benchmarking Data

Goal: All academic emergency medicine chairs participate and optimize benchmarking data for success.


  1. Increase understanding of what is valuable data to our members.
  2. 100% participation in data collection
  3. Education of data utility. 


AACEM Strategic Plan

AACEM Bylaws