Environmental Sustainability


Take the Pledge!

Take the Conservation Pledge and Help Us Work Toward an Environmentally Sustainable SAEM22! 

The SAEM22 Program Committee and the SAEM Climate Change and Health Interest Group are working together to ensure an environmentally sustainable annual meeting in 2022 and you can help! Registered SAEM22 attendees have the opportunity to participate in our conservation efforts by completing an online Conservation Pledge to take the environmentally responsible steps listed below to reduce their ecological footprints. Those who complete the pledge will be recognized during the SAEM22 plenary session. 

  • Avoid bottled water or use a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Recycle all paper products, cans, and bottles using one of the many recycle containers located throughout the meeting space 
  • Opt-out of hotel housekeeping and reuse your towels, linens, and water glasses
  • Walk, bike, or use public transportation or ride sharing services to get around
  • Choose an environmentally friendly form of transportation to travel to and from the annual meeting (drive, carpool, take a train, choose nonstop long-haul flights over multi-hop short-haul itineraries and high-occupancy vehicles and trains rather than short-haul flights, fly on airlines that offer carbon offset programs, etc.)
  • When you leave your room, turn off all lights, heat/AC, and television
  • If you plan to shop while in Denver, bring your own reusable shopping bag
  • Go paperless!  (use the SAEM22 app and electronic handouts vs printed material)
  • Recycle your SAEM22 name badge and lanyard