Satellite Symposia

Host a Satellite Symposium during SAEM22.

The SAEM Annual Meeting brings together academic emergency medicine physicians from around the world to a single location, providing an opportunity for organizations, other than SAEM, to access current and future thought leaders and early adopters in emergency medicine. To take advantage of this opportunity, organizations may host informational 60-minute presentations to share ground-breaking insight, demonstrate new and innovative procedures or generate interest in a cutting edge product to our community of academic emergency medicine clinicians. These 60-minute presentations are typically held during the breakfast or lunch hours. Other options, such as off-site symposia are also a consideration and available upon request.

Symposia are highlighted to over 3,000 attendees within our conference mobile application, on our website, through our social media channels, with over 30,000 followers, and we will send an all member email out to our 8,200+ academic emergency medicine physicians, residents, chairs, etc. advertising the session.


For more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor submit the Satellite Symposium Form or call SAEM Manager, Business Development, John Landry at (847) 257-7224 ex. 204.