RAMS Clinician Educator Series

The Resident and Medical Student Section of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine is proud to present the Clinician Educator Series, a list of written and audio resources to help medical students and residents become effective clinician educators.  

Residents and senior medical students have the unique role of being both learners and teachers. They serve as mentors to junior medical students and residents due to increased clinical knowledge and responsibilities but are usually closer in age, training, and professional and personal development to junior learners compared to attending physicians. This allows for residents and senior medical students to seem more approachable and creates unique teaching and mentoring opportunities for junior learners.  

However, many residents and medical students are not formally educated on how to teach or mentor junior trainees. In addition, the Emergency Department, with its fast pace, diverse patient population, and variety of presenting complaints, creates an excellent but challenging teaching environment. Therefore, we created this series of summaries, articles, and podcasts with advice, guidance, and evidence-based strategies to help medical students and residents become successful clinician educators.

Please select a category below for a brief summary of evidence-based recommendations and references for that listing. The final category provides links to medical education based FOAMed resources and podcasts.  

Resource Categories

If you are interested in pursuing an academic career in Medical Education in Emergency Medicine, please visit SAEM Roadmaps Medical Education Track. SAEM Roadmaps is an interactive guide on how to succeed at each stage of your medical training, from medical student to resident to fellow. It also includes details about the Medical Education academic career progression and fellowship application process.

Clinician Educators Series Authors and Creators

Sam Parnell, MD
Chief Editor and Mentorship, Specific Teacher Strategies, Online Resources and Podcasts Author

Simanjit Mand, MD
Feedback Author

Harold Gomez, MD
Adult Learning Theory Author