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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Low-Cost Simulation Models: Caviar Tastes on a Tuna Fish BudgetPhillip Moschella, MD, PhD
Nur-Ain Nadir, MD, MHPE
Julie Fritzges, DO
Ernesto Romo, MD
Chandra Aubin, MD
Michael Falk, MD
Charles Lei, MD
Cory Clugston, MD
Benjamin Roth, MD
Simulation Workshop: Critical Strategies in Simulation Procedural Skills Training for High-Risk/Low-Frequency Procedures (Simulation Academy Sponsored)Alise Frallicciardi, MD, MBA
Charles Lei, MD
Nur-Ain Nadir, MD, MHPE
Michael Falk, MD
Ernesto Romo, MD
Lauren Conlon, MD
Amanda Young, MD
Michael Cassara, DO, MSEd
Sara Hock, MD
Kimberly Schertzer, MD
Christopher Strother, MD
Ryan McKenna, DO
Michael Smith, MD, MBA, CPE
Patrick Hughes, DO, MEHP
Miriam Kulkarni
Colleen Smith, MD
Glenn Paetow, MD
Michael Hrdy, MD


SAEM18 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

The Art of Asking Questions as a Gateway to Giving Effective Feedback: A WorkshopDemian Szyld, MD, EdM
Amish Aghera
Ashley Crimmins, MD
Emily M. Hayden, MD, MHPE
Kelly Medwid, MD
Matthew Tews, DO, MS
Captains of Chaos: Building a Leadership Curriculum for Emergency Medicine ResidentsSar Medoff, MD, MPP
Effective Debriefing With Challenging LearnersChristopher Strother, MD
Colleen Smith, MD
Nur-Ain Nadir, MD, MHPE
Shannon McNamara, MD
Miriam Kulkarni, MD
Danielle Hart, MD, MACM
Ambrose H. Wong, MD, MSEd
Kimberly Schertzer, MD
Joan Noelker, MD, MACM
EM Talk: Goals of Care and A Roadmap to Master Difficult ConversationsEric Isaacs, MD
Maureen Gang
Joanne Kuntz, MD
Marie-Carmelle Elie, MD, RDMS