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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presentation Authors

An N-of-1: When is the Best Time to Start a Family? (AWAEM and RAMS Sponsored)

Hannah Mishkin, MD, MS
Brian Lahmann, MD
Michelle Lall, MD, MHS
Kathleen Ogle, MD
Melissa Parsons, MD
Neha Raukar, MD, MS

Leadership Education in Advancing Diversity: The Imposter Syndrome, Microaggressions, and Implicit BiasEmily Earl-Royal, MD MPH
Daniel Fernandez, MD
Alai Alvarez, MD
Michael Gisondi, MD
Carmin Powell, MD
Nancy Rivera, MD, MS
Sex and Race Differences in Safety and Effectiveness of a Chest Pain-Accelerated Diagnostic ProtocolNella W. Hendley, MA
Kristin M. Lenoir, MPH
Anna C. Snavely, PhD
Jason P. Stopyra, MD
David M. Herrington, MD, MHS
Brian J. Wells, MD, PhD
Brian C. Hiestand, MD, MPH
Chadwick D. Miller, MD, MS
Simon A. Mahler, MD, MS
Judy Vogel, MD
Six Effective #Shemergency Strategies for Recruitment and Retention of Female Emergency Medicine Residents (AWAEM and RAMS Sponsored)Amy Zeidan, MD
Utsha Khatri, MD
Angela Mills, MD
Cindy H. Hsu, MD, PhD
Jennifer Love, MD
What Goes Up Must Come Down: Six Steps to a Fast and Successful Priapism ReductionAndrea Hanna