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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Lion’s Den 2019: Sixth Annual Real-world Research Proposal Development (SAEM Research Committee Sponsored)

Megan Ranney, MD, MPH

Samuel McLean, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Kline, MD

Lynne Richardson, MD
Donald Yealy, MD

Kristin Rising, MD, MS

Anna Marie Chang, MD, MSCE

Meet the Editors: Top 10 Mistakes Made in Education Research and How To Avoid Them (Education Research Interest Group Sponsored)

Nicholas Kman, REM, CESM, PWS, MD

Shahram Lotfipour, MD, MPH

David Wald, DO

Susan Promes, MD, MBA

Shannon Toohey, MD

Megan Osborn, MD, MH

SAEM Grant Writing Workshop

J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD
Joseph Miller, MD, MS
Jeremy Brown, MD
Andrew Monte, MD, PhD
Patrick Carter, MD
Phillip Levy, MD, MPH
Kori Zachrison, MD, MSc
Jody Vogel, MD

Tap into the Network: NIH Institutional Training Programs (T32 and K12)

Anna Marie Chang, MD, MSCE
Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD
Lynne D. Richardson, MD
James Holmes, MD, MPH
Jane D. Scott, ScD, MSN
Kristin L. Rising, MD, M

Wilderness Medicine Research: Approaches to Involving Students, Residents, and Fellows (Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Sponsored)Sanjey Gupta, MD
N. Stuart Harris, MD,MFA
Hillary Irons, MD, PhD
Henderson McGinnis, MD


SAEM18 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Lion's Den 2018 - Fifth Annual Real-world research proposal development

Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH
SAEM Education Summit: Good Outcomes for Great Educational Research: How To Demonstrate Your Educational Innovation Worked (CDEM Sponsored)Wendy Coates, MD
David C. Gordon, MD
Writing the Abstract and Manuscript that will be AcceptedKristin L. Rising, MD, MS
Judd E. Hollander, MD
You've Got Some Nerve! Building a Cross-Departmental Collaboration to Enhance Education in Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia (AEUS Sponsored)Casey L. Wilson, MD, RDMS
Tiffany Fong
Linda Regan, MD
Jonathan D. Lin, MD

SAEM17 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Firearm Injury: A Public Health Approach and Next Steps for ResearchLauren Hudak, MD, MPH
Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH
Patrick M. Carter, MD
Jeremy Ackerman, MD, PhD
Fundamentals of Educational Research—Part 1, Exempt Yourself: Educational Research and the Institutional Review BoardKirk A. Stiffler, MD, MPH
Fundamentals of Educational Research—Part 2, Validate Yourself: Validity Evidence in Medical Education ResearchLaura R. Hopson, MD
Medical Educational Research: How to Get Your Education Scholarship PublishedSangil Lee, MD, MS



Research Learning Series podcasts, in collaboration with Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM)

Exception from Informed Consent
Dr. Jill Baren (University of Pennsylvania)


How to Turn Your Interest into Research
Dr. Zachary Meisel (University of Pennsylvania)

Writing a Winning Abstract for a Scientific Meeting
Dr. Daren Beam (Indiana University)

How to Turn Your Interest into Research
Dr. Zachary Meisel (University of Pennsylvania)


Dealing with Grant Proposal Rejections
Dr. Rob Ehrman (Wayne State University)

Common IRB Pitfalls
Dr. James Paxton, MD, MBA (Wayne State University School of Medicine)


Writing Specific Aims for a Grant
Dr. Michael Puskarich (Associate Professor and Research Director at Hennepin Medical Center)



Online Recordings

Challenges Getting Started in EM Education Research

Wendy Coates, MD, Harbor UCLA
Gloria Kuhn, DO, PhD, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Sarah Michael, DO, MS, University of Colorado School of Medicine

How to Draft a Manuscript

Craig Newgard, MD, MPH
Oregon Health & Sciences University

How to Be a Good Research Mentor / Mentee

Corita Grudzen, MD, MPH,New York University
Michael Gottlieb, MD, Rush University Medical Center
Navigating Literature Review: Approach and ToolsVijaya Arun Kumar, MD, DPH (India), MPH
Wayne State University

Planning Your Research Budget

Caroline Freiermuth, MD

Duke University

These Are Not the Facts You're Looking For: Understanding Bias in Clinical ResearchRobert Ehrman, MD
Assistant Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Wayne State University
A Persuasive Page One with Effective Specific AimsAnne Libby, PhD and Andrew Monte, MD
University of Colorado
How to Become an EM ResearcherKyle Gunnerson, MD, FCCM
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan
Emanuel P. Rivers, MD, MPH
Vice Chairman and Director of Research at Henry Ford Hospital
James H. Paxton, MD, MBA (Moderator)
Assistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Research Ethics

James H. Paxton, MD, MBA
Chairman, MP2 Institutional Review Board (IRB), Wayne State University (WSU) Assistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU SOM) 

Chart Reviews in Emergency MedicineBryn Mumma, MD, MAS
Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

Building ED Associate Program

Nancy Kwon, MD and Nidhi Garg, MD
Northwell Health