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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Prospective Multicenter Validation of the Canadian Transient Ischemic Attack Score for Predicting Subsequent Stroke Within Seven Days

Jeffrey Perry, MD, MSc
Marco L.A. Sivilotti, MD, MSc
Marcel Emond, MD, MSc
Andrew Worster, MD, MSc
Jacques Lee, MD, MSc
Judy Morris, MD, MSc
Grant Stotts, MD
George A. Wells, PhD
Ian G. Stiell, MD, MSc
Ka Wai Cheung, MD
Nicolas Chagnon, MD
Heather Murray, MD, MSc
Mukul Sharma, MD, MSc
Jody Vogel, MD

Serum Biomarker Panel Outperforms the Canadian Computed Tomography Head Rule for Diagnosing Traumatic Intracranial InjuryRobert D. Welch, MD, MS
Linda Papa, MD, MSc
Jeff Bazarian, MD, MPH
Rob Howard
James Y. Chen
Art Weber
Syed F. Ayaz, MBBS
Lawrence Lewis, MD
Jody Vogel, MD

SAEM18 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Intramuscular Midazolam, Olanzapine, Ziprasidone, or Haloperidol for Treating Acute Agitation in the Emergency Room

Lauren Klein, MD, MS

SAEM17 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Saving the Dying Brain: Emergency Medicine State-of-the-art Strategies for Advanced Stroke Reperfusion TherapyCharles Wira, MD