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Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Andrew Starnes, MD, MPH
Wake Forest School of Medicine

A StarneI attended the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. As a medical student I completed an master’s in public health with a focus in health administration and policy, served for multiple years as the emergency medicine interest group secretary and president, and also served as class vice-president and as a member of the Student Executive Committee.  My interest in academics grew through these experiences and as I became increasingly engaged in research. This led me to get involved with SAEM first as a medical student ambassador and then as a member-at-large on the inaugural RAMS Board. Currently, I am active on multiple committees, especially the RAMS Membership Committee I previously chaired.

Success often comes down to logistics.  Money and memos are the fuel of machines that make ideas into great products. As SAEM continues to roll forward as the premier organization for academicians in our specialty, I appreciate the importance of having dedicated individuals who coordinate, facilitate, and track the many tasks that transform ideas into actions. I am well prepared to function in this capacity as secretary-treasurer due to my extensive experience in and outside the organization and my particular personal appreciation for these responsibilities. My goal is to keep communications succinct, prompt, and strategic to increase participation in committees to our highest level yet.