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Nehal Naik, MD
George Washington University

N NaikI’m a California kid who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010, and received my MD from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018. I was on the inaugural RAMS Board from 2017-2018, where I worked on board development, strategic planning, and led the RAMS Research Committee. I created the first RAMS-led didactic at SAEM18 on how underrepresented minorities and LGBTQ trainees can better tackle the challenges they face in their training. This year, we’re taking the talk to the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) conference. For SAEM19, as a part of the RAMS Research Committee, we’re running a didactic on how to be a more effective trainee researcher. I’m also working on creating networking sessions for researchers at SAEM19 through the SAEM Research Committee. Through the SAEM Program Committee, we’re working on making another spectacular Speed Mentoring session at SAEM19.

I’m running for office to make SAEM RAMS the preeminent organization for trainees in academic emergency medicine (EM) globally. I was one of the inaugural board members and developed our initial goals for the organization, but now it’s time to grow! Here’s what I want to accomplish:

  • Make RAMS belong to its members! RAMS needs to be more representative of its diverse members, and speak on behalf of the trainees who make up 50 percent of SAEM membership. Currently, the board lacks a platform for members to propose ideas for RAMS to develop. I will ensure our members can propose new ideas and guide the organization. I will also ensure that our actions encompass the wishes from the diverse places our members come from!
  • Harness our local power! SAEM’s regional meetings are our laboratories of academic EM. RAMS must harness this grassroots energy and promote the local content to a national stage. As president, I’ll make RAMS present at these meetings, with regional meeting reps to encourage regional meeting growth and success. Our board will empower local EM interest groups and residencies to elevate their regional victories and discussions to the national stage.
  • Provide mentorship that’s personal! SAEM has the best resources for mentorship in academic EM. For those trainees who don’t have large academic EM institutions, RAMS can be that link! I will improve the resources online and at regional and national conferences to help guide trainees in their EM careers.
  • SAEM Board of Directors should hear our voices! The SAEM Board of Directors has a resident representative, yet that representative is not privy to the RAMS board meetings or decisions. This must be changed. As president, I’ll guarantee that the representative knows our positions and plans in order to best represent their members to the SAEM Board of Directors.
  • SAEM academies/interest groups should also serve trainees! With the advent of free SAEM academies, trainees can more easily join. Now, it’s time for RAMS to ensure that trainees are included in the actions of the academies and interest groups. As president, I will liaise with the groups to make trainees a bigger part of their leadership teams.