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Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Andrew Starnes, MD, MPH
Wake Forest School of Medicine

A StarnesI graduated from medical school at the University of Oklahoma where after deciding on emergency medicine I added an additional year for an MPH with a focus in health administration and policy. I first became involved with SAEM as a Medical Student Ambassador and then served on the inaugural RAMS Board of Directors as a member at large. This was followed by a year on the Membership Committee before returning to the RAMS Board of Directors as the secretary-treasurer, which is my current position. During this time I have been active with ongoing research into various projects related to EMS and ED resource utilization and outcomes, resulting in a number of regional and national presentations, as well as multiple publications.

I’m running for president because I appreciate the value of what SAEM offers young physicians and want to see even more benefit. Given my depth of experience within the organization I am well prepared to accomplish that goal. There is so much to be excited about in EM and how SAEM is at the forefront of shaping our specialty. A key part of that is SAEM’s investment in the education of residents and medical students. What we need to do is simply keep growing. That includes increasing the number of participating RAMS members, expanding the tools and resources we provide to them, and enlarging our capacity to provide meaningful mentorship experiences. By getting more students and residents involved in academic medicine early on, we will better prepare them for success through matching competitively, thriving in residency, and landing that dream job that makes the whole process worth it. It will also ensure that we move forward with a diverse group of researchers and advocates to safeguard the highest quality of medicine for patients and physicians alike.