Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will be survey results be used?
    We will attempt to publish the results.

  2. Is there opportunity to consider additional questions?
    Additional questions were considered and included, and those that are not included in the current version were beyond the scope of this survey.

  3. What are the categories of SAEM membership?
    SAEM membership includes a variety of individuals in the field of emergency medicine. Individuals with an advanced degree such as MD, DO, PhD, PharmD, DSc, or equivalent, who hold a university appointment, or who are actively involved in emergency medicine education or research are eligible for “faculty” membership. Health professionals, educators, government officials, members of lay or civic organizations, and members of the public who have interest in the field are eligible for “associate” membership. Other eligible individuals include “young physicians” in either the first or second year following residency graduation, residents, fellows, and medical students interested in emergency medicine (
    A3b. The number of members in each category is shown on page 2 of the SAEM membership guide (|

  4. Will the participants be anonymous?
    Yes, the participants can choose to be anonymous. If anonymous, then participants will not be entered into a lottery for gift cards.

  5. Will there be reimbursement to participate in the survey.
    Yes, there will be ten $50 Amazon gift cards to be distributed via lottery.


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