Get Involved

Want to Get Involved in SAEM During Medical School?

As a medical student in SAEM, you can become involved in leadership, advocacy, and education through SAEM at any point during your medical school training. You will also have access to a number of resources tailored to medical students pursuing (or simply interested in) an academic career in Emergency Medicine.

What Leadership Opportunities are Available for Medical Students?

Almost all SAEM groups will be amenable to interested medical students, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly. If you are looking for something more formalized, there are two SAEM groups that specifically seek out medical students for leadership positions:

The SAEM Medical Student Ambassador’s Program (MSA)


  • Each year, the SAEM Program Committee looks for enthusiastic and responsible medical students from around the country to work directly with SAEM leadership to assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of SAEM’s Annual Meeting. This group of medical students serves as the primary volunteer force at the Annual Meeting.


  • Opportunity to attend the full SAEM Annual Meeting and participate in didactics, poster sessions, and educational activities
  • Waiver of the SAEM Annual Meeting registration fee
  • One-on-one meeting with a member of SAEM leadership to act as your academic mentor
  • A personal letter from the SAEM Program Committee Chair to your Dean of Student Affairs to acknowledge your contributions


  • Be available for 1 week in May to attend the entire SAEM Annual Meeting
  • You will be assigned specific duties during certain times at the Annual Meeting, but will be free to attend the rest of the conference.

How to Apply

  • Applications for the Medical Student Ambassador program typically opens in Nov/Dec. Medical students at any level of training can apply. See the application here.

The Resident & Student Advisory Committee (RSAC)


  • The RSAC is comprised of residents, medical students, and faculty committed to the advancement of Academic Emergency Medicine training and education. RSAC is the voice of the resident and student members of SAEM, and works with other SAEM committees and faculty to represent the needs and goals of trainees. Positions are available for medical students to lead subcommittees on mentorship, publications, and SAEM Annual Meeting content and events.


  • First author on SAEM Newsletter articles disseminated nationwide
  • Creation of student-driven didactics and events for the SAEM Annual Meeting
  • Frequent contact with SAEM leadership including the Board of Directors, the Program Committee, the SAEM Academies, and others
  • Flexibility to contribute your own ideas and innovations to a group of peers
  • Opportunity to meet and work with medical students from other institutions  


  • Commitment varies widely depending on subcommittee involvement, and can range from a single newsletter article contribution once a year to full subcommittee chairmanship
  • The majority of work occurs by phone and email throughout the year
  • In-person meetings at the SAEM Annual Meeting and the ACEP Scientific Assembly are strongly encouraged


How to Apply

  • To join the RSAC, please contact the RSAC Co-Chairs at to state your interest. Medical students at all levels of training are welcome!

What Other Opportunities are Available for Medical Students?


The Medical Student Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award

This award is made available to each medical school to select a senior medical student who has demonstrated excellence in the specialty of emergency medicine. Each medical school is limited to one recipient each year. See the application here.

Medical Student Grant Programs

SAEM sponsors two grant programs for medical student research and innovation: