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How does competitive cycling help you manage stress, achieve work-life balance, and/or contribute to your overall health and well-being?

I'm a big believer that in order to be healthy, fulfilled, and challenged, one must exercise one's mind and body. Physician wellness is critically important not only to us, but also to our patients. And we need to emphasize physician wellness at all levels of training and beyond. Medicine is a tough career. Emphasizing wellness won't (and shouldn't) change that fact, but leaders in emergency medicine need to recognize and reinforce that we all need outlets and ample ability to challenge ourselves outside of work. Cycling does that for me. A solo ride is a great way to clear my head and run through possible scenarios of how to manage a particular challenge. I'm also a believer in having goals on my calendar - my next goal is a 24 hour mountain bike relay race in Arizona in February. While a solo training ride might clear my head, the singular mental focus that racing requires offers a completely different kind of mental balm.

Steven B. Bird, MD is the vice chair for education and residency director for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is a graduate of the Fellowship in Toxicology at UMass Medical School and is a 2002 graduate of the UMass EM Residency Program, where he served as chief resident 2001-2002. Dr. Bird additionally served in the United States Navy Medical Corps as a flight surgeon in Okinawa, Japan. He began his medical career as a neurosurgery resident at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. He is a 1995 AOA graduate of the Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1991. Dr. Bird has served as a member of the SAEM Board of Directors and is the society’s president elect for 2017-2018. Dr. Bird also serves on the board of trustees for the SAEM Foundation and is an associate decision editor for Academic Emergency Medicine journal. He is a dedicated contributor to the SAEM Foundation and has been actively involved in several SAEM committees, including the Program Committee and Grants Committee.



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