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How does crafting surfboards help you manage stress, achieve work-life balance, and contribute to your overall health and well-being?

“As a typical restless emergency physician, I’m actually most relaxed when I’m doing something. Some of my happiest moments come when woodworking with my daughters: making skateboards, beach-ball paddles, or even a hand-shaped wooden surfboard at Grain surfboards in Maine. Treating patients in the ED and doing research can be intellectually and emotionally taxing. Working with my hands allows me to leave that stress behind for a little while and focus on something immediately tangible. It is incredibly fulfilling to turn raw materials into something beautiful (insert your analogy to research, residency training, etc. here…), but by far, the best part is that I get to do it with my family.”

Christopher Kabrhel, MD, MPH is director of the Center for Vascular Emergencies in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. He is an NIH-funded researcher focusing on the epidemiology, diagnosis, risk-stratification and treatment of acute venous thromboembolism (VTE). Several years ago, Dr. Kabrhel co-founded the first Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT) at MGH, and he now helps direct a consortium of similar teams around the world.

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