Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Alexander T. Limkakeng, Jr., MD, MHSc
Duke University School of Medicine

A LimkakengI have been an SAEM member since 2001 and have reliably attended the national meeting every year. Over the last eight years, I have had increasing involvement in the SAEM Research, Grants, Program, and Awards Committees. I believe I have made substantial contributions to each of these committees over this time, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications, the leadership of subcommittees, and contribution to active discussion and ideas. I have led or participated in six didactic presentations at the annual meeting, as well as served as a medical student mentor. As a member of the Research Committee I helped developed the grants guide for the website; I chaired the subcommittee on didactic submissions for three years. More recently, I served on the SAEM Program Committee and subcommittee as the chair of the Residency & Fellowship Fair for Program Committee and subcommittee and on the Grants Committee as chair for the RAMS Resident Grant. As vice-chief of research at Duke University I have the opportunity to interact with multiple SAEM members throughout the year.

I truly enjoy SAEM in all its aspects and think that one of its key strengths is the diversity of its members and leadership. Therefore, having a position on the SAEM Nominating Committee would be a wonderful opportunity to advance SAEM’s mission. Over the years I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet and work with so many of SAEM’s members. I believe my networking and programmatic experience will be a positive asset to the nominating committee. I propose that through direct communication, including timely announcements via the website and social media, we can continue recruiting, developing and advancing members into our Society’s leadership positions. Thank you for consideration of my application.

Daniel Nishijima, MD, MAS
UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine

D NishijimaI am an associate professor and associate research director in the department of emergency medicine at UC Davis. I previously completed a two-year emergency medicine research fellowship and a three-year institutional KL2-mentored multidisciplinary clinical/translational research fellowship at UC Davis. As associate research director for the UC Davis department of emergency medicine I help oversee our research operations and infrastructure. I also serve as the medical director and UC Davis Hub Liaison for the NCATS-funded, Trial Innovation Network as well as the medical director for the UC Davis CTSC Clinical Research Center.

I am running for office to serve on the SAEM Nominating Committee, which organizes and directs the electoral procedures for SAEM leadership positions. Ensuring stable and qualified leadership on SAEM is important for the continued growth and success of SAEM. In addition, I strongly feel it is crucial to have a diverse and representative leadership group reflective of our SAEM membership.