Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Angela M. Mills, MD
J.E. Beaumont Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons

A MillsI am a graduate and former chief resident of the emergency medicine residency program at the University of Pennsylvania. I became a Penn faculty member immediately thereafter, in 2003, and advanced academically, being promoted to professor of emergency medicine in 2017. At Penn, I served in several capacities, including medical director and vice chair of clinical operations. I joined Columbia in February 2018 as the inaugural chair of the newly formed department of emergency medicine. Having maintained an active research career, I have authored more than 100 scientific publications and have received research funding from both federal agencies and industry. I am strongly committed to education and combining scholarship with mentoring while helping to advance the careers of faculty, trainees, and students.

As a current member-at-large on the SAEM Board of Directors, I am passionate about my commitment to SAEM and the advancement of academic emergency medicine. Having served in many roles in the field of academic EM, including clinical researcher, educator, vice chair of clinical operations, and now as inaugural chair at Columbia University, I bring my firsthand experiences to the SAEM Board of Directors. I am deeply committed to the advancement of patient care, education, and research in EM and serving on the board of directors allows me to help advance each of these missions on a national level. Particularly inspiring to me this year has been our work on the Diversity and Inclusion Strategies Task Force.

SAEM has provided me with tremendous mentorship and opportunities for academic advancement as a resident and junior faculty member. As a senior faculty member, leader, and mentor, I am dedicated to giving back to the organization and membership. I find the work on the board of directors incredibly rewarding, allowing for a greater impact on the field of EM and numerous faculty and trainees. Over the last several years as a member-at-large on the board of directors, I have had the opportunity to serve as the liaison to numerous committees, interest groups, and academies. These experiences have allowed me to have a clear understanding of SAEM, and I hope to continue to serve the membership in the role of secretary-treasurer.

As a member of the executive committee of the board, I aim to work collaboratively with the other board members, academies, committees, and interest groups to support the SAEM mission and advance the field of academic emergency medicine. Specifically, I am committed to supporting the professional development of our membership, including faculty and trainees; advancing EM education and education research; increasing research in emergency care including members with grant funding,  and promoting diversity and equity in all forms within SAEM and academic EM. I also strive to improve the bridges between SAEM and the other major EM organizations to achieve common goals for the overall advancement of academic EM. I am incredibly grateful for my experiences as an SAEM board member and would be honored to serve as the secretary-treasurer for this organization.