Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Jennifer A. Newberry, MD, JD, MSc
Stanford University School of Medicine

J NewberryGEMA must continue to invest in the mentorship and sponsorship of junior faculty and trainees in the US and abroad. Emergency medicine systems and infrastructure continue to grow throughout the Global South and every year more residency programs emerge. GEMA must support these pioneers through deliberate mentorship programming and sponsorship to become academic emergency medicine leaders. GEMA should continue to strengthen membership amongst these faculty by advocating to bring down the cost of SAEM membership and increase advocacy.

As President-Elect, I will work with the GEMA Ex-Co to increase membership broadly, grow global health-specific research training, and support rising faculty in their advancement. As a Member-At-Large initially and now as the SAEM Program Committee Liaison, I have worked hard to add value to the GEMA Ex-Co and to strengthen GEMA programming for our membership. Last year I helped to re-draft the GEMA bylaws to be consistent with our current practices and provide better guidance for the Ex-Co moving forward. In addition, I planned and moderated the panel “Empowering Women through Emergency Care Development in LMICs”. I strongly believe the central themes discussed by the panel – role modeling, mentorship, sponsorship – are key functions that GEMA as an organization, and we as members, can play to more deliberately and effectively empower women, in all positions, through global health development.

This year I served as lead author on GEMA’s SAEM proceedings concept paper, “Fostering a Diverse Pool of Global Health Academic Leaders Through Mentorship and Career Path Planning.” Global health mentorship remains scattered among few academic departments, leaving many junior faculty without the mentorship they need and desire. I will work with the Ex-CO to create targeted programming at the SAEM regional and national level to develop global health-specific research training and grant writing support. I will also support continued efforts to pair mentors and mentees across departments and nations to help rising faculty receive mentorship and sponsorship.