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One of the most powerful things you can do to help break down barriers to mental health is talk openly about your personal mental health journey. Sharing your positive story of help, hope, and healing is empowering!


  • It gives voice to what has largely been a silent issue and inspires others to speak up too.
  • It brings people together, helps them find common ground, and lets them know they are not alone.
  • It shows that every EM physician is vulnerable to mental illness, just like any other medical problem, and that it is not a sign of weakness nor a reflection on one’s ability to do one’s job. 
  • It demonstrates that treatment can work and recovery is possible
  • It encourages others to step out of the shadows of stigma and into the light, where help can be found
    • It shows that people can continue to work and manage mental health conditions.
    • It sends the message that attending to one’s mental health is as important as managing one’s physical health and that mental health can be managed, just like physical health

    Simply put, sharing your mental health journey opens the door to healing for yourself and others.


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