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“Stop the Stigma EM” supporting organizations are committed to:


  • advocating for policies on the institutional level that encourages the open discussion of depression as a treatable illness and provides time, opportunities, and resources for those experiencing mental health issues to seek help without fear of punitive consequences. (Example: Develop and promote an annual “Stop the Stigma National Opt-Out Day for EM Mental Health”)
  • normalizing the seeking of mental health care by EM physicians
  • developing initiatives that help clinicians safely address their own suicide risk factors and health concerns
  • educating EM physicians regarding the protections afforded to them should they seek therapy, psychiatric treatment, and/or addiction recovery
  • encouraging a work culture where mental health is viewed and addressed openly and without fear
  • modeling mental health self-care by disclosing personal struggles, when appropriate
  • teaching and mentoring others on how to reach out to distressed peers/colleagues, engage in active listening, have caring conversations that invite deeper disclosure, and respond helpfully with resources
  • ensuring that policies provide EM physicians with the greatest access to mentors, support, and mental health care without punitive consequences


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