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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Advocacy Tools: Op EdsElizabeth A. Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS
Advocacy Tools: Op Ed-Follow UpElizabeth A. Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS
Advocacy within Government and Public HealthHemal Kanzaria, MD, MSc
Maria C. Raven, MD, MPH, MS
Advocating through Professional SocietiesJeremiah Schuur, MD, MHS
Attacking Sex Trafficking in Your Emergency DepartmentSheri-Ann Kaltiso, MD
ConstipatED: Give a Sh*t About Sh*tDavid Kaltman, MD
Counseling PatientsLauren Hudak, MD, MPH
Developing Expert TestimonyHanni Stoklosa, MD
Don't Say Stupid StuffJeremy Ackerman, MD, PhD

Exploring Opportunities to Improve Outcomes of Older Adults by Targeting Their Social Determinants of Health (AGEM and ADIEM Sponsored)

Kalpana Narayan Shankar, MD, MSc, MSHP
Marquita Hicks, MD
Samantha Morton, JD
John Schumacher, PhD

Firearm Injury Prevention: A How-to Guide for Emergency Department Providers in Clinical and Research SettingsLauren Hudak, MD, MPH
Firearms, Violence, and the Emergency Department: Developing the Science of Interpersonal Violence PreventionPatrick M. Carter, MD
Guns and SuicideMarian Betz, MD, MPH
Health Equity and Emergency Medicine: A Perfect Fit (Social Emergency Medicine and Population Health Interest Group Sponsored)

Mohsen Saidinejad, MD, MBA
Breena R. Taira, MD, MPH, CPH
Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD
Shamsher Samra, MD, MPH
Kian Preston-Suni, MD, MPH

How to Stop Hurting Patients With Pollution: Using Life Cycle Assessment to Improve Environmental Performance (Climate Change and Health Interest Group Sponsored

Jonathan E. Slutzman, MD

Improving Chronic Hypertension Control From the Emergency Department: A Public Health Research Imperative

Philip Levy, MD, MPH
Candance McNaughton, MD, PhD, MPH
Erik Hess, MD, MSc
Joseph Miller, MD, MS
Lancet Countdown Brief: Emergency Medicine Leadership Perspectives on Climate Change and Health (Climate Change and Health Interest Group Sponsored)Renee Salas, MD, MPH, MS
Jeremy Hess, MD, MPH
Andra Blomkalns, MD, MBA
Katherine Heilpern, MD
James McCarthy, MD
Jeremiah Schuur, MD, MH
Love a Lawyer - Medical-Legal Partnerships: How Lawyers Can Make Your Life AwesomeDennis Hsieh, MD, JD
Physician Advocacy Boot Camp: Beyond the Emergency DepartmentJahan Fahimi, MD, MPH
Preventing Firearm Injury: "Yes, We Can"Megan Ranney, MD, MPH
Seven Reasons Why Visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau Made Me A Better PhysicianCaitlin Rublee, MD, MPH
Social Media and AdvocacyMegan Ranney, MD, MPH
The Source: Working Effectively with Mainstream MediaHarrison J. Alter, MD, MS
What is your Role as a Physician?Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD

SAEM18 Presentation Title

Presenting Author

Antibiotic Stewardship: A New Frontier for ED Quality ImprovementMichael Pulia, MD, MS
Larissa May, MD, MS, MSPH
Rakesh D. Mistry, MD, MS
Kabir Yadav, MDCM, MS, MSHS
Assessing Emergency Department Guideline Concordance and Outcomes After Outpatient Cardiac Stress TestingShaw Natsui, MD, MPA
Bounce Backs: How to Reduce Unexpected Return Visits to the Emergency Department
David Zodda, MD, FACEP
Climate Change and Health: Implications for Practice, Teaching, Research, and Advocacy in Emergency MedicineRenee N. Salas, MD, MPH, MS
N. Stuart Harris, MD, MFA
Cecilia J. Sorensen, MD
Jonathan E. Slutzman, MD
Jay Lemery, MD
Jeremy J. Hess, MD, MPH
Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Emergency Medicine Research, Education, and Clinical Practice (ADIEM Sponsored)Ava Pierce, MD
Elizabeth Samuels, MD, MPH
Joel Moll, MD
Dowin Boatright, MD, MBA, MHS
Pooja Agrawal, MD, MPH
Aasim I. Padela, MD, MSc
Jason Rotoli, MD
Jeffrey Druck
David Duong, MD, MS
Tehreem Rehman, MPH
Alden M. Landry, MD, MPH
LGBTQ in the ED: Comprehensive Care of Sexual Minority and Gender Non-Conforming Patients in the Acute Care Setting (ADIEM Sponsored)Angela Jarman, MD
Christine Babcock, MD, MSc
Bruce Mark Becker
Alyson J. McGregor, MD, MA
Tracy E. Madsen, MD, ScM
Joel Moll, MD
Elizabeth Samuels, MD, MPH
Models for Research Capacity Building in Emergency Care and Trauma in low and middle-income countriesNalini Anand, JD, MPH
Jon Mark Hirshon, MD, PhD, MPH
Junaid Razzak, MD, PhD
Uzma Khan, MBBS,MSc
Opioids in 2018: Progress?Jason A. Hoppe, DO
Scott G. Weiner, MD, MPH
Gililan A. Beauchamp, MD
Widening the Safety Net: Initiating Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder in the Emergency DepartmentJason A. Hoppe, DO
Scott G. Weiner, MD, MPH
Kathryn Hawk, MD, MHS
Workplace Violence and Management of the Agitated Patient in Emergency Department: Best Practices and Safety InterventionsAmbrose H. Wong, MD, MSEd
John Casey, DO, MA, FACEP
Eric Cortez, MD
Marc L. Martel, MD
Lynn P. Roppolo, MD
Marie Vrablik, MD, MCR
Michael P. Wilson, MD, PhD