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SAEM19 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

10 New Drugs From the Last YearJoshua J. Davis, MD
Advocacy Tools: Ops EdsElizabeth A. Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS
Advocacy Tools: Ops Eds-Follow UpElizabeth A. Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS
Advocacy within Government and Public HealthHemal Kanzaria, MD, MSc
Maria C. Raven, MD, MPH, MS
Advocating through Professional SocietiesJeremiah Schuur, MD, MHS

A Rights-Based Approach to Emergency Care: Human Rights Considerations for Researchers, Educators, and Advocates (GEMA Sponsored)

Taylor Burkholder, MD, MPH
Emillie Calvello Hynes, MD, MPH

Attacking Sex Trafficking in Your Emergency DepartmentSheri-Ann Kaltiso, MD
Caveat Emptor: Informed Decision-Making in American HEMSVahe Ender, NRP
Death and Dying in the Emergency Department: Quality Improvement for Patients, Family, and Staff

William F. Bond, MD, MS
Maureen Gang, MD
Paul L. DeSandre, DO
Helen Kurczynski, MDiv, BC

Developing Expert TestimonyHanni Stoklosa, MD
Emergency Care Quality Imaging Benchmarks in a Statewide Collaborative: Estimated Excess and Associated Spending

Keith E. Kocher, MD, MPH
Rajan Arora, MD
Benjamin S. Bassin, MD
Lee S. Benjamin, MD
Michaelina Bolton, MD
Blaine J. Dennis, MD
Jason J. Ham, MB BCh, BAO
Seth S. Krupp, MD
Kelly A. Levasseur, DO
Michelle L. Macy, MD, MS
Brian J. O'Neil, MD
James M. Pribble, MD
Robert L. Sherwin, MD
Nicole S. Sroufe, MD, MPH
Bradley J. Uren, MD
Michele M. Nypaver, MD
Jody Vogel, MD

How to Stop Hurting Patients With Pollution: Using Life Cycle Assessment to Improve Environmental Performance (Climate Change and Health Interest Group Sponsored)Jonathan Slutzman, MD
How to Use Medicare Claims Data in Your Research

Peter Smulowitz, MD, MPH
Laura Burke, MD, MPH

Love a Lawyer - Medical-Legal Partnerships: How Lawyers Can Make Your Life AwesomeDennis Hsieh, MD, JD
Moving Towards Research Independence: National Institutes of Health Career Development AwardsMichael Puskarich, MD, MSCR
Candace McNaughton, MD, PhD, MPH
Elizabeth Schoenfeld, MD, MS
Faheem Guirgis, MD
Jane Scott, ScD, MSN
Myth Busters: What Are Your Risks Working With Advanced Practice Providers? (Advanced Practice Provider Medical Directors Interest Group Sponsored)Elizabeth Temin, MD, MPH
Sharon Chekijian, MD, MPH
Tala Elia, MD
Physician Advocacy Boot Camp: Beyond the Emergency DepartmentJahan Fahimi, MD, MPH
Social Media and AdvocacyMegan Ranney, MD, MPH
The Source: Working Effectively with Mainstream MediaHarrison J. Alter, MD, MS

Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right: A New Perspective on Variation in Emergency Care

Peter Smulowitz, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Schoenfeld, MD, MS
Michelle Lin, MD, MPH, MS
Jeremiah Schuur, MD, MHS
Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS

What is your Role as a Physician?Dennie Hsieh, MD,


SAEM18 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Advocacy in Emergency MedicineTaylor Burkholder, MD, MPH
Cecilia Sorensen, MD
Jasmeet Dhaliwal, MD, MPH
Emilie Calvello Hynes, MD, MPH
Climate Change and Health: Implications for Practice, Teaching, Research, and Advocacy in Emergency MedicineRenee N. Salas, MD, MPH, MS
N. Stuart Harris, MD, MFA
Cecilia J. Sorensen, MD
Jonathan E. Slutzman, MD
Jay Lemery, MD
Jeremy J. Hess, MD, MPH
Do You Want to be a Leader at Your Medical School? Sage Advice on Navigating a Career Path in Medical School LeadershipMichael Cole, MD
Michelle Daniel, MD, MHPE
Leon L. Haley, Jr., MD, MHSA
Brian Zink, MD
Faculty Life in Emergency Medicine: How do you compare to peers? Salary, Staffing, Productivity and Performance Benchmarks for Academic Emergency Medicine Faculty Practice: A panel discussionJames Scheulen, PA, MBA
Kain Robbins
Steve Maxwell, CAAMA, MSM
Greg Volturo, MD
Integration of Disaster/Hurricane Response and the Academic Emergency PhysicianRitu R. Sarin, MD, EMDM
Paul Biddinger, MD
Jarone Lee, MD, MPH
Hilarie Cranmer
Douglas Char
Opioids in 2018: Progress?Jason A. Hoppe, DO
Scott G. Weiner, MD, MPH
Gililan A. Beauchamp, MD

SAEM17 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Getting Emergency Medicine Out of the Confines of the Department: Telemedicine and Non-traditional On-demand CareD. Mark Courtney, MD, MSCI
National Variation in Opioid Prescribing and Risk of Prolonged Opioid Use for Opioid-naïve Patients Treated in the Emergency Department for Ankle SprainsM. Kit Delgado, MD, MS
Qualitative Methods: Beyond the Interview and Focus GroupCynthia J. Mollen, MD, MSCE
The Relationship Between Low Dose Radiation From CT Scans and Cancer: What Is the Real Risk?Carl H. Schultz, MD, MD, FACEP
SAEM Leadership ForumJulie McCausland, MD