SAEM19 Annual Meeting Podcasts

Episode 4

Dr. Roger Lewis, recipient of this year's John Marx Leadership Award and Dr. Keith Kocher, plenary speaker and leader of the MEDIC project and they discuss their paths to success.

Episode 3

Dr. Casey Glass of the Social Media Committee interviews Keynote presenters Dr. Rebecca Cunningham and Dr. Garen Wintemute discussing their careers and paths studying firearm violence.

Episode 2

Interviews with Dr. Hillary Irons about the first annual MedWARS in Red Rocks Canyon and Dr. Jennifer White on the stellar lineup of faculty leading this year's Junior Faculty Development Forum

Episode 1

Interviews with SAEM19 Consensus Conference Leaders Dr. Rosanna Sikora and Dr. Rita Manfredi discussing how SAEM and collaborators aim to define and study wellness. Dr. John Prescott, Chief Academic Officer of AAMC, who will deliver the inaugural Education Keynote on Thursday, discusses his path to Academic EM and his views on the future of EM.