SAEM Ethics Committee Curriculum


The purpose of this manual is to provide an aid to residency directors and others responsible for teaching ethics to emergency medicine residents. Our goal is to facilitate education of EM residents by offering tools to develop the skills required for ethical professional conduct.

Table of Contents [PDF]

Module 1: The Physician-Patient Relationship [PDF]
Module 2: Issues Related to Patient Autonomy  [PDF]
Module 3: End of Life Issues [PDF]
Module 4: Patient Communication Skills [PDF]
Module 5: Interpersonal Relationships [PDF]
Module 6: Professionalism Challenges in the Education Setting [PDF]
Module 7: Understanding Ethical Principles [PDF]
Module 8: Professional Responsibilities  [PDF]
Module 9: Physician Impairment and Wellness [PDF]
Module 10: Issues Related to Justice  [PDF]
Module 11: Relationships with Industry  [PDF]
Module 12: Research Ethics [PDF]

Ethics Library

This member resource library is provided by the SAEM Ethics Committee. The SAEM Ethics Committee is responsible for developing and formulating policies concerning ethical issues in the practice of emergency medicine, for the Society and for the practice of emergency medicine in general. The committee updates, revises and maintains the SAEM Ethics Curriculum, provides articles on ethics topics for publication in SAEM Pulse, and develops didactics, guidelines, manuscripts and other materials regarding ethics in research and clinical practice. 

Ethics On Call

Past articles in the popular column in SAEM Pulse.

Additional Ethics Resources

Everything you need to know about ethics from presentations to policy manuals to codes of ethics from popular specialties and societies, governmental agencies, and more.