Workplace Violence and Patient Agitation in the Emergency Department: Best Practices and Safety Interventions

  • Ambrose Wong, MD, MSEd

  • Marie Vrablik, MD, MCR

  • Marc L. Martel, MD

    Professor, Emergency Medicine

    University of Minnesota

  • Picture1

    Lynn Roppolo, MD

    University of Texas Southwestern

    Lynn Roppolo, MD is a Professor in emergency medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern. She went to medical school at the University of California San Diego, residency at the George Washington University in Washington DC. She was part of the residency leadership for over 15 years and stepped down to do the ultrasound fellowship the same year she was promoted to full Professor as she never received this valuable training in residency.  She has conducted almost 50 research studies in her 21 years of practice, most of which were unfunded and with medical students and her emergency medicine residents at Parkland Hospital. She is the Director of Resident scholarly Activity and was recently promoted to Senior Editor for the Journal of Emergency Medicine. 
  • John Casey, DO, MA

  • Michael Wilson, MD, PhD

  • Eric Cortez, MD