SAEM Consensus Conference—Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Developing a Research Agenda for Addressing Racism in Emergency Medicine PART 1

  • mayo photo - Neha Raukar

    Neha P. Raukar, MD, MS


    Mayo Clinic

    "I obtained my undergraduate degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, a master’s degree in Physiology from NY Medical College, and my medical degree at Howard University. After three years of residency and a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Allegheny General Hospital, I returned to the northeast where I was at Brown University. There I practiced both emergency and sports medicine, taught, and conducted research. After 12 years, I moved to the Mayo Clinic to work in the area of Geriatric Emergency Medicine and Faculty Development. During the pandemic, I completed a certificate program from The University of South Florida in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and am currently working on a certificate on The Business of Healthcare from Wharton.

    During the last four years while at the Mayo Clinic, I have continued research, funded mostly by foundation grants, that have modified the way athletes are managed on and off the field. I have continued educating residents, and expanding my teaching repertoire. Unsuccessful in my quest for federal funding, I am encouraged by programs such as those of the SAEM Foundation that support young investigators to become successful, federally funded, researchers.

    It is my hope that my educational background, prior board experience, experience in fundraising, decades of participation in various roles within SAEM, and enthusiasm to join and contribute to the SAEM Foundation Board make me an ideal candidate."