Clinical Pathway Using Dalbavancin Associated with Reduced Hospitalizations for Patients with Skin Infections

  • Talan

    David A. Talan, MD

    University of California-Los Angeles

  • William R. Mower, MD, PhD

  • Frank A. Lovecchio, DO

  • Rothman_richard_2019final - Richard Rothman

    Richard E. Rothman, MD, PhD

    Johns Hopkins University, Department of Emergency Medicine

    I am a professor, executive vice chair, and vice-chair of research in the department of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins University. I earned my PhD in molecular biology in 1989 from University of California, San Francisco (Department of Physiology), followed by an MD in 1993 from Cornell University in 1993, then Residency Training in 1996 and Research Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Since that time, I have served on faculty in varied leadership roles at Johns Hopkins, including director of faculty development. I have had a productive and successful research and leadership career which includes extensive experience with program building, mentorship, and lnational and international leadership. I have had the honor of holding numerous leadership roles at SAEM including cochair of the SAEM Research Committee, cochair of the ACEP-SAEM Federal Research Funding Workgroup, and chair of the SAEM COVID Educational Task Force. For these and other service I was honored to receive the SAEM Organizational Advancement Award in 2021. I have been a proud member of SAEM since 1992 and was also the inaugural recipient (with two others) of the SAEM Young Investigator Award. I am running for office currently because my personal vision (and career) closely aligns with the vision and mission of SAEM. I hope to give back to the membership and believe I my experience, knowledge, and expertise will be helpful to the organization at this critical junction in the history of the society. If selected, I am committed to working collaboratively with other SAEM Board members to ensure we meet the stated strategic goals, refine objectives as needed, and address challenges with our membership in response to the evolving changes in academic medicine and health care delivery.

  • Mark T. Steele, MD

  • Katelyn Keyloun, PharmD, MS

  • Patrick Gillard, PharmD, MS

  • Ronald Copp, MPH

  • Gregory J. Moran, MD