SonoGames® is a national ultrasound competition in which emergency medicine (EM) residents demonstrate their mad skills and knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound in an exciting and educational format. Don’t miss the winner-take-all, no-holds-barred action as teams of emergency medicine residents in crazy costumes battle it out in front of hundreds of spectators to prove they have mastered the “SonoSkills” to become SonoChamps and take home the SonoCup. Questions? Contact the SonoGames Committee

Congratulations SonoChamps!

2022: SBH Health System Bronx
2021: Yale Emergency Medicine Residency
2019: University of North Carolina
2018: University of California, San Francisco, Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency
2017: Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency
2016: Medical College of Georgia
2015: Yale Emergency Medicine Residency

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Event Information

May 19, 2023 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (UTC)