Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Address

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Over the past few decades, the evidence generated to guide the care of acutely ill and injured children in emergency departments (EDs) globally has transitioned from retrospective case reports to large prospective research studies. This has further evolved into large, well-organized and well-funded pediatric emergency care (PEC) research networks. Not only are there two such networks in the United States, but similar networks exist in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

These networks have not only generated high-grade, precise and generalizable evidence on which to base care of acutely ill and inured children, they have also organized the implementation of this evidence to the bedside. Both pediatric and general emergency physicians have participated collaboratively in PEC research networks and there are lessons learned for all emergency care practitioners.


Dr. Kuppermann will discuss how the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine has developed and expanded in the past two decades, particularly through its involvement in collaborative research networks. He will provide examples of early single-center research that provided low-grade, misleading evidence, followed by the development of paradigm- changing large research networks. These have simultaneously developed on several continents, and have developed inter-collaborations. Dr. Kuppermann will provide examples of the impactful research that has developed as a result, including research resulting from collaborations between pediatric and general emergency physicians. He will also demonstrate how this research has been implemented into practice. Finally, Dr. Kuppermann will discuss the challenges and intangible benefits of pediatric emergency care research.

  • Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH

    Bo Tomas Brofelt Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor Department of Emergency Medicine

    UC Davis School of Medicine

    Dr. Kuppermann is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, and the Bo Tomas Brofeldt Endowed Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis. He is a pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) physician and clinical epidemiologist, and a leader in emergency medical services for children, particularly in multicenter research. Research foci for which he is a leading national investigator include 1) infectious emergencies in children including the laboratory evaluation of young febrile children, 2) the evaluation of children at risk of diabetic ketoacidosis-related cerebral injury, and 3) the laboratory and radiographic evaluation of the pediatric trauma patient. His focus is on clinical trials and clinical prediction rules using large cohorts of acutely ill and injured children. He has published works in all three focus areas in high-impact journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, BMJ, and the Lancet. Dr. Kuppermann has received more than $30 million in federal grants and contracts as a PI over the past decade, and has published more than 230 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Kuppermann has been a leader in multicenter research in PEM, starting by chairing the first U.S. research network in PEM (the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Collaborative Research Committee of the AAP) from 1996-2000, and leading several investigations there. He then became one of the founding investigators and founding Chair of the Steering Committee of the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) since it’s inception in 2001 until late in 2008, and remains one of the 7 network PIs. He recently completed a 4-year term as Chair of the Executive Committee of the (global) Pediatric Emergency Research Network (PERN), an international consortium of PEM research networks.


    Dr. Kuppermann has been recognized nationally for his research and mentorship. In 2009, Dr. Kuppermann received the Miller-Sarkin Mentoring Award from the Academic Pediatric Association, and in 2012 received the Jim Seidel Distinguished Service Award, from the Section on Emergency Medicine of the AAP for outstanding contributions to Pediatric Emergency Medicine. In 2010 and 2011, he received national research awards from the EMSC program of HRSA, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, and the American College of Emergency Physicians. In 2015, he was recognized with the American College of American Physicians EBSCO/PEMSoft Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to pediatric emergency evidence based medicine. In 2017 a PEM Scientific Research Mentoring award was named after him by the SAEM. In 2010 he was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

Event Information

May 12, 2021 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)