Junior Faculty Development Forum

Event Description

The Junior Faculty Development Forum (JFDF) is designed to enable junior faculty to engage with senior leaders in our field, develop strategies for promotion, productivity, and academic advancement, and become the next generation of academic emergency medicine faculty leaders. This forum is intended for fellows and early-career faculty who have recently secured faculty positions within academic emergency departments. The JFDF will feature focused didactic presentations from leaders in emergency medicine administration, education and research: Get Published Now!; Leadership in Medical Education: Negotiating for More; Negotiating Your Next Position: Salary and Beyond; Establishing a Narrative for a Successful Academic Career; Academic Leadership: Becoming the Leader Others Will Want to Follow; Successfully Managing One of Your Most Precious Assets–Time; Making the Most of Career Opportunities; Personal Pathways in Academia

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9:00AM -  9:10AM

Welcome and   Introduction

Welcome and the role of leadership and academic development programs in a successful academic career

9:10AM  -

Get Published Now

                           Strategies to publish regularly no matter where you work                           or what track you are on

10:00AM -



10:15AM -

 Leadership in   Medical   Education:   Negotiating for More


Strategies to use social media to further your career


    11:00AM -


Negotiating Your Next Position:
Salary and Beyond 



Strategies to maximize the non-monetary portion of your negotiation


    11:30AM -


Establishing a Narrative for a Successful Academic Career


    Strategies to create a successful narrative for your academic career, where your passion intersects with your skill set, including determining "low hanging fruit" to help foster your narrative, including educational, networking, and collaborative opportunities to ensure academic success. Includes tips for navigating academic promotion


12:15PM -


Networking Luncheon 


Luncheon in which Forum attendees can engage and network with
leaders in academia


1:00PM -

Academic Leadership - Becoming the
Leader Others Will Want to Follow 


Strategies for successful leadership throughout your academic career


      2:00PM - 2:30PM


Successfully Managing One of Your
Most Precious Assets - Time


                                                                                                                                                  Managing work/life balance and navigating the myriad of
academic opportunities available


2:30PM -





      2:45PM -

Making the Most of Career Opportunities

Senior academicians will lead small group sessions, providing guided    mentorship and directed feedback on how to be successful in the various    aspects of academia including: research, medical education, administration, departmental metrics and leadership, and  novel opportunities in emergency medicine

      3:30PM -

Personal Pathways in AcademiaPanel of leaders in the emergency medicine will offer pearls of wisdom and important take home messages for aspiring academicians. This will be followed by open discussion between panelists and Forum attendees.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the structure of a career in academic EM, including promotion process and major career pathways
  • Identify strategies for success in medical education, including mechanisms for effective teaching and feedback
  • Explain the skills necessary for an EM research career and describe relevant grant funding mechanisms
  • Describe specific strategies that the individual will use for success as a junior faculty member following SAEM21

Event Information

May 11, 2021 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM (Central Daylight Time)

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