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This webpage is a directory of virtual rotation information and educational resources to give students exposure to emergency medicine topics and access to programs that provide virtual rotations.

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Virtual Rotation Opportunities

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Yale School of Emergency Medicine: El Emergency Medicine Virtual Elective- VSAS

  • Course Director: Jessica Bod MD, Iris Chandler MD, Karen Jubanyik MD
  • Duration (1 – 4 weeks): 4 weeks
  • Prerequisite: One prior emergency medicine rotation
  • Type (clinical or non-clinical): Non-clinical
  • Max Enrollment per block offering: 8
  • Course Dates: July 20 2020- 12/7/2020
  • Credit: 1
  • Grade: Pass/Fail

Course purpose statement/description: Medical students outside of Yale School of Medicine applying for residency in Emergency Medicine will have the opportunity to join the Department of Emergency Medicine for a virtual rotation. Didactic activities will focus on clinical reasoning and communication skills. Students will participate in residency didactics remotely and will have opportunities to learn about niche areas offered by our department.

 Learning activities:

  • Team based learning workshops
  • Communications skills workshops
  • EKG workshops
  • Interactive ultrasound tape review
  • Residency didactics
  • Mock oral boards cases
  • Simulation
  • Clinical case presentations
  • QI inquiry
  • Residency niche area showcase
Contact: Iris Chandler, MD

posted June 30, 2020

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville is offering a four week EM AI rotation from 10/26 to 11/20. To participate in the rotation, students must NOT have an EM residency at their home institution and do NOT have an EM away rotation anywhere else. The program will provide an expedient SLOE at the conclusion of the rotation.

Contact: Melissa C. Janse, MD
E-mail: and c.c.

posted June 29, 2020

George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences and the GW Department of Emergency Medicine

The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences and the GW Department of Emergency Medicine invite you to apply for our remote learning Emergency Medicine course, offered during the 2020-2021 academic year.  The course is offered online, through live video software applications, and covers core content in Emergency Medicine through 30+ hours of interactive, group-based video sessions delivered remotely over five days by education leaders in EM at GW.  Students will also have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with EM residency and clerkship leadership at GW. 

Topics covered include:

  • Acuity Assessment, Triage & Heuristics
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • Respiratory Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • Endocrinologic Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • Ophthalmic & Otolaryngologic Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • Toxicologic Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)Common Pediatric Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • COVID-19 Emergencies (Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnosis & Management)
  • Trauma Assessment & Management
  • Point-of-Care Sonography (Cardiac, Thoracoabdominal, Peripheral Neurovascular)
  • Emergent Wound Management
  • Extremity Orthopedic Injury Management

This course is offered to senior medical students pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine and considering residency training in Emergency Medicine at GW. The course dates are listed below. Interested students should send a CV, Medical School Transcript, USLME Report, and a brief letter of interest (no more than 200 words) in PDF format (1 combined file if possible) to

  • Rotation dates June 1-5 —> submission deadline is Tuesday, May 26
  • Rotation dates July 6-10 —> submission deadline is Monday, June 15
  • Rotation dates August 3-7 —> submission deadline is Monday, July 13
  • Rotation dates Aug 31-Sept 4 —> submission deadline is Monday, August 10
  • Rotation dates Sept 28-Oct 2 —> submission deadline is Monday, September 7
  • Rotation dates Oct 26- 30 —> submission deadline is Monday, October 5

Contact: Jasmine Duncan 
posted June 29, 2020

University of Pittsburgh 4-Week Virtual Emergency Medicine Elective

  • Designed for “visiting” 4th-year medical students going into EM
  • Unique, online simulation curriculum
  • Participation in residency didactics
  • Residency advising & mentoring
  • Dedicated teaching from world-class faculty
  • Sessions with residents and residency leadership
  • Interactive workshops including toxicology, EMS, diversity & inclusion, & cardiac arrest

We are currently accepting students for the following blocks:

    • July 6th – Aug 2nd, 2020
    • Aug 3rd – Aug 30th, 2020
    • Aug 31st – Sept 27th 2020

Contact: Mary Margaret Murtha
posted June 29, 2020

Lehigh Valley Health Network

We will be offering a 2 week virtual EM rotation to students interested in pursuing a residency in emergency medicine.  This has been designed to introduce students to our EM residents and faculty, learn about our program and what we have to offer while providing valuable education to our learners.  This rotation will be a combination of asynchronous and live virtual didactics providing about 30 hours of education per week.

 The sessions will be delivered via WebEx and topics will include:

  • Emergency Ultrasound
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Suture/Ortho Labs
  • Simulation Cases
  • ECG Review
  • Critical Care Rounds
  • Foundations of Emergency Medicine

Contact: Dawn Yenser
posted June 29, 2020

Zucker School of Medicine at North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center Virtual Emergency Medicine Rotation

We at the Zucker SOM Emergency Medicine program at NS/LIJ are excited to offer a virtual rotation to any medical students interested in becoming better trained in Emergency Medicine.The rotation will be offered in 2 week block rotations between Aug 23th and November 16th.

Our goal is to recreate the patient interactions at the heart of emergency medicine. This virtual rotation will provide a case-based learning curriculum where students can take histories, present to an attending, have case-based discussions, make decisions and see the results of your actions. The virtual and controlled nature of this rotation allows for the student to explore a well-rounded EM curriculum based on the recommendations of CDEM. In addition to the case based learning focus, parts of the curriculum are designed to hone charting skills specific to EM, as well dedicated to learning the micro skills needed to be successful in emergency procedures.

Procedures both diagnostic and therapeutic are an important and interesting part of the specialty. Low fidelity home based procedure training has been used as an effective technique for learning these procedures. These include suturing, abscess drainage, intubation, ultrasound guided access and others. Many procedures can be done at home and more complex procedures can be learning from discussions of video demonstrated procedures.

The students will have exposure to toxicology, ultrasound, teaching, simulation, EMS and critical care with EM faculty trained in these subspecialties. This will be accomplished through conferences, presentations, discussions and readings. Students will have the opportunity to see these areas of interest through the eyes of those who have chosen it to be part of their career.

1-2 of the days will be run and taught by senior emergency medicine residents. The cases and learning objectives will be preplanned and these days are specifically designed to allow the students unfettered access to EM residents who can share their experiences with the students. It is available through VSLO

Contact: Sandie Luciano
posted June 25, 2020

Georgetown University/MedStar Health

Georgetown University / MedStar Health is offering a virtual emergency medicine rotation. It's a 2-week rotation in which students will be exposed to all aspects of MedStar’s telehealth presence. Students will engage with emergency medicine residents and one-on-one interactions with EM faculty. They will also gain didactic exposure through participation in our residency program’s virtual didactic sessions.

The rotation is available for applications via VSLO and is listed under Georgetown University School of Medicine, course EMED-555.

Contact: Rahul Bhat, MD
posted June 24, 2020

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Virtual Student Experience

Cooper EM Virtual Rotation

Contact: Sundip Patel, MD
posted June 24, 2020



Virtual Educational Resources

The most recent submitted resoureces are listed at the top.

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posted June 24, 2020