Committee Descriptions

Curriculum and Assessment Committee 

The Curriculum and Assessment Committee develops M1/M2, M3, and M4 content, as well as questions for SAEMtests.

Membership and Engagement Committee 

The Membership and Engagement Committee encourages membership in CDEM and manage the directories.

Career Development and Mentorship Committee 

The Career Development and Mentorship Committee focuses on mentoring across the education continuum.

CDEM Planning Committee for SAEM

The CDEM Panning Committee for SAEM plans and executes the full spectrum of CDEM activities at SAEM’s Annual Meeting.

Communications and Social Media Committee 

The Communications and Social Media Committee coordinates the development of podcasts, blogs, social media, and other web content.

Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee facilitates the awards process and suggests new ways to recognize our outstanding educators.

Grants Committee 

The Grants Committee facilitates the grant process and ensures resources for education related grants.

Research and Scholarship Committee 

The Research and Scholarship Committee fosters inter-institutional research collaborationsand other education research activities.

VSAS Taskforce

The VSAS Taskforce facilitates and develops the process to identify and communicate visiting student rotation openings and guidelines.

Other Committees