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CDEM Awards at SAEM18

Dec 31, 2018, 17:28 PM by Kat Nagasawa
CDEM Awards at SAEM18

CDEM Awards at SAEM18

TrophyWe would like to thank Dr. David Cheng who is chair of the CDEM Awards committee along with his team for their hard work in going through all the nominations.  If you happen to see one of these award winners, buy them a drink of their choice and pick their brains on how to become an amazing educator.

CDEM Distinguished Educator Award
Dr. Latha Ganti (Stead)

It is with great pleasure that we present Dr. Latha Ganti (Stead) with the CDEM Distinguished  Educator Award. Dr. Ganti was in fact, one of the founding members of CDEM, where she developed the awards program to recognize educational leaders within our specialty and chaired the awards committee for several years. Dr. Ganti has been a full professor of Emergency Medicine since 2008, and a member of CDEM since its inception. To highlight a few of the significant, sustained contributions she has made to medical education over the last 16 years, she wrote her first book, BRS Emergency Medicine as an intern and signed her first book contract before she even had her MD degree. In 2000 she created an entire new book series- the very popular First Aid for the clinical clerkship series. She has also published the Atlas of Emergency Medicine Procedures. Her latest book is Neurologic Emergencies: How to do a Fast, Focused Exam for any Neurologic Complaint.

Dr. Ganti’s teaching ability has been recognized with several awards over the years including the ACEP National Faculty Teaching Award, the Mayo Medical School Excellence in Teaching Recognition, and Service recognition by the UCF College of Medicine for her preceptorship of 1st and 2nd year medical students in their Community of Practice block.  Congratulations Dr. Ganti!

CDEM Clerkship Director of the Year Award
Dr. Nathan Lewis

Dr. Lewis is an outstanding clerkship director and has created novel curriculum and provided mentorship to countless students. Dr Lewis has implemented a boot camp for Fourth Year medical students in the spring to help with their transition to residency. The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) EM students come in better prepared for residency after this end-of-year experience.  Dr. Lewis also provides significant mentorship at VCU. He has  advised countless EM bound M3 and M4 students. He serves on the medical school curriculum committee and is an assistant program director at VCU.  In addition to his work locally at VCU, Dr. Lewis provides a national level of mentorship through his active work with CDEM, serving on the application process improvement task force and social media and assessment committees.  He has done pioneering work in social media and is active in Free Open Access Medical Education in Emergency Medicine. He is very accomplished and we are honored to name Dr. Nathan Lewis CDEM Clerkship Director of the Year.

CDEM Innovation Award
Dr. Seth Hawkins

We are pleased to present Dr. Seth Hawkins with the CDEM Innovation Award.  Dr. Hawkins has a passion for innovation and his enthusiasm inspires the medical students and residents that rotate with him.  His enthusiasm has been exemplified by the projects, publications, and careers of those he educates and mentors.  The Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship is a month-long rotation for fourth year medical students and resident physicians that follows a unique training model envisioned by Dr. Hawkins that combines the resources of a rural/wilderness EMS system, a local community college, a community hospital system, and a major research university.  Students learn their skills from actual field providers, rather than in a classroom of lecturers.  To model authentic collaborative care, the medical students and residents receive much of their training from special operations paramedics, rescue technicians, and park rangers with decades of experience in emergency response.  While many organizations offer EMS rotations or wilderness medicine electives, none rival the Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship with its unique educational philosophy and real-life hands on experiences.  Congratulations, Dr. Hawkins!

CDEM Young Educator of the Year Award
Dr. Jamie Hess

We are pleased to present Dr. Jamie Hess with the Young Educator of the Year Award. Dr. Hess started in the role of Director of Resident Education, serving in that position for two years.  This helped establish her foundation as an educator as she has excelled in developing innovative curriculum, which has been highlighted at several national Emergency Medicine education conferences. On the most recent Graduate Questionnaire at the University of Wisconsin, Emergency Medicine was one of the highest rated clerkships and is the third most popular specialty choice. Due to her stewardship, Emergency Medicine is now a core rotation and required for all medical students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. In 2016, Dr. Hess was asked to take a new leadership role as the Co-Director of the Intern Prep Course. She also assumed the role of Director for Quality, Patient Safety, and Interprofessional Education.  In addition, she oversees the Emergency Medicine Interest Group and has participated in teaching medical students point of care ultrasound.   We congratulate Dr. Jamie Hess on her well deserved award!

CDEM Young Educator of the Year Award
Dr. Trevor Pour

We are honored to present Dr. Trevor Pour the CDEM Young Educator of the Year Award. Dr Pour has made significant and ongoing contributions to the teaching and education of medical students at Mount Sinai since his time as a resident in the program.  Dr. Pour wears many hats.  He is the EM Interest Group faculty advisor and is the Course Director for Mount Sinai’s MS1 gross anatomy lab. There is rarely a shift he works without at least one student in tow. Students recognize Dr. Pour as the “go-to” faculty member in the Emergency Department. He was approached to facilitate a number of new initiatives. This included the WikiProject Medicine, an elective course for preclinical students aimed at teaching structured medical writing for a lay audience. He was also asked to become the faculty advisor for the AOA sponsored “Leaders in Health Policy” elective course which involves bringing in high-profile medical/policy thought leaders from around the nation to speak with medical students.

Dr. Pour also created two very popular electives for students; the first is an introductory course in EM for preclinical students which are predominantly taught by 4th year residents.  He also runs a popular critical care elective for students in their clinical years.  In addition, Dr. Pour and the student leaders of the Emergency Medicine interest group started a regional medical student conference in conjunction with AAEM.  Due to these many accomplishments, it is no wonder why he won this award and we congratulate him.

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