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Presidential Ponder

Dec 17, 2018, 14:37 PM by Nick Olah
Welcome to the new CDEM Voice Faculty Blog!

Presidential Ponder

Welcome to the new CDEM Voice Faculty Blog!

Last spring, through our membership survey and follow-up discussion at our SAEM Academy meeting, networking and collaboration were identified as CDEM’s greatest asset. To that end, this blog marks a transition from our previous quarterly newsletter to a medium that is continuous, fluid, and interactive.

Presidential PonderFirst and foremost, I would like to recognize and thank multiple individuals for their vision, talent, and efforts in making this platform for CDEM possible. It’s impossible to capture everyone but to highlight a few: Rahul Patwari & Michael Van Meter for their amazing dedication and administrative oversight; Keme Carter, Matthew Tews, Stacey Poznanski, and Kim Askew for their executive leadership of CDEM Curriculum; and Nate Lewis and Scott Wieters for their creativity and delivery of the EM Stud podcast series. Special appreciation goes to our SAEM Staff Liaison, Melissa McMillian, who does a tremendous amount of work for CDEM behind the scenes, provides invaluable administrative guidance, and always responds to our pleas for help.

Since taking over as president last May, CDEM has remained busy at work. First was our important role in shaping the final version of the  AAMC Standardized Video Interview Project. As we wade through another cycle of the daunting residency match – again full of unbelievably talented applicants – I look forward to learning more down the road about the efficacy of this initiative. Rahul Patwari and Kathy Hiller continue to represent CDEM on the collaborative working group that includes the AAMC and our partner EM organizations. .

This spring and summer also involved CDEM’s continual work to bring high quality didactics to our annual conferences. Our CDEM track chairs for CORD, Paul Ko and Lauren Thompson, have orchestrated a terrific series of talks organized around the themes of teaching, assessment, and advising. For the 2017 SAEMAnnual Meeting, the CDEM executive committee has compiled didactics designed to help members advance educational research and innovation. More to follow on these conferences as their programs are finalized.

Representing and supporting the needs of all our members remains an important priority for CDEM. Within our community are clerkship directors who are not affiliated with residency programs. When the SLOE migrated to an electronic format this year, these clerkship directors were found lacking access to the current version of the SLOE. I am proud of how our close partnership with CORD helped find the solution of an alternate SLOE that is freely accessible. I would like to publicly thank and acknowledge Doug Franzen for the energy and thought he puts into making sure CDEM stays connected with all our members.

Looking ahead, a top priority is to further expand and engage our membership. In addition to this blog, we are restructuring and refining our committees and representatives, hoping to create new opportunities for our members to get actively involved in CDEM and to demonstrate national leadership in support of academic  promotion. Committees will include membership, social media/communication, testing, and awards. Representation will include Alliance on Clinical Education, SAEM program committee, and CORD Task Forces (SLOE and Student Advisory). Be on the look out for announcements to join and help these groups. 

CDEM continues to be an invaluable resource for me, and I hope it has proved the same for you. These are just some of the exciting initiatives and accomplishments as we continue to advance undergraduate medical education in emergency medicine. As the end of October nears, I hope everyone has a fun and joyous holiday season.


David Gordon MD
CDEM President
Undergraduate Education Director
Division of Emergency Medicine
Duke University

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