Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Angela F. Jarman, MD, MPH
University of California, Davis

A JarmanI would be delighted to serve as the VP of Education for AWAEM because this position represents the intersection of my professional passions. While I do have advanced training in sex and gender, my passion is translating knowledge and making this growing body of literature available to physicians and trainees. I have extensive experience in curriculum development for learners of all levels. As a chief resident of education (Utah), I was a leader in developing our didactic curriculum and started a quarterly lecture series that I delivered. At Brown University (fellowship), I both taught a preclinical elective for medical students and developed a novel curriculum for a clinical elective for medical students. At my current institution, I am developing a fellowship in Sex and Gender and I am faculty for our “Medical Humanities” course and the main lecturer for our LGBTQ curriculum for all health professions students (MD/PA/RN/NP). I also serve as our departmental liaison to the Women in Medicine and Health Sciences to support the development of women in my department. I have been involved in education efforts on a national level, creating and leading didactics and workshops at SAEM and the Sex and Gender Health Summit. This year, I chaired our preconference workshop and was able to design a half-day workshop with expert chair-level faculty that will be delivered in May. As I hope is clear, I am passionate about both caring for women as patients and supporting women in academic medicine. This position would allow me to meld those passions and create innovative & valuable programming for AWAEM faculty.

My hope is to serve as VP of Education, thus I aspire to create innovative educational programming. While the entire mission of the Academy is important, I believe that the programming we support at national and regional meetings is one of the main ways in which we demonstrate our purpose and increase membership. It is such a wonderful time to be a woman in academic medicine, and there is a landslide of data coming out that supports many of our anecdotal experiences. Part of our role as an organization for women in medicine is to highlight this data and speed its translation and dissemination. Educational programming is also an important way for us to highlight the intersectionality of many of the issues we discuss, and as such lends itself well to collaborations with other academies, which I would like to focus on if elected.

Kat Ogle, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

K OgleI am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice-President of Education within AWAEM and with your support, I hope to pay forward the tremendous mentorship I’ve received during my active engagement within the academy.

With regard to my education and qualifications, I am a 1st generation college graduate, former RN and completed medical school, EM residency and Ultrasound fellowship at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. I subsequently completed GW’s Master Teacher Leadership Development Program which provided a foundation upon which I am building my academic career. As an Assistant Professor at GW, I work clinically as in 3 hospitals in our system and I am engaged in medical student, resident and fellow education. I am the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Executive Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee for our EM residency and the Medical Director of our GW Training Center. I direct the Medical Education and Leadership Scholarly Concentration at the medical school level as well as a longitudinal clinician educator course. I previously led Ultrasound Integration in Undergraduate Medical Education and Point-of-Care Ultrasound electives. I co-founded our professional development group, GW Emergency Medicine Females or GWEMFEM.

Within SAEM, I have served as the Didactics committee chair for AWAEM for the last 2 years, have worked with our members to develop content which aligns with AWAEM’s mission and presented at last year’s national conference on mentorship as well as the intersection of parenting and academic emergency medicine. This year AWAEM members submitted 17 collaborative proposals, 8 of which have been accepted for this year’s conference and the remainder are being revised for resubmission to other venues. I served as the co-chair of the Task Force on Starting a Women’s Group within AWAEM, collaboratively developed and co-edited a resource toolkit for other academic women physicians desiring to create professional development groups and enhance the parallel mission of AWAEM within their respective institutions. I also co-chaired our regional Mid-Atlantic SAEM meeting.

I am running for VP of Education because I have been on the receiving end of phenomenal mentorship, professional development and growth. I believe the translation of my experience and skills will allow me to open doors for leadership for woman and provide mentorship and guidance to our members. I want to further foster an environment in which open communication and clear goals lead to meaningful and impactful results.

Specifically, in light of what I have learned about the needs of the women academicians in our academy, I plan to:

  • Encourage members to step outside of their comfort zone and assume leadership responsibilities which will challenge them and enhance their professional growth and satisfaction.
  • Work collaboratively to highlight the educational innovations of our members, not only within AWAEM, but also within SAEM and the greater global EM community.
  • Encourage members who deliver didactics at regional and national meetings to expand upon those presentations to develop scholarship which will in turn enhance their potential for promotion.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.