Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Neha P. Raukar, MD, MS
Mayo Clinic

N RaukarMy passion for AWAEM is no secret. I have been involved with AWAEM since 2011 and by serving on many of the committees, have hands-on experience with the breadth and depth of this organization which will serve me well as Vice President for Corporate Development. I started as membership chair, growing our fledgling organization, then worked as the didactics chair where I extended AWAEM’s presence during SAEM by creating a preconference curriculum to help develop women in academic emergency medicine and offer networking opportunities outside the main conference, advancing to the Vice Chair for Education position where I supported the didactic, preconference and regional chairs in creating educational opportunities for women in a variety of different forums. As a member of the scholarship review and research committees, I am impressed by the talent of women in academic emergency medicine. I also co-developed the ExCITE didactic, an innovative way to crowdsource and rapidly implement ideas to improve the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in academic emergency medicine.

As I continue my involvement with AWAEM, I believe it is important at this time to ensure that the vision for our organization sees continued growth, input from its members, as well as engagement with other organizations that share our mission and values. While many organizations strive for equity and diversity, the attainment of this goal is fraught with hurdles, in the form of lack of research, strategies, and there is a need for strong faculty development. I have spent my time as a member and on the board of AWAEM listening to many voices and learning about the relationship of our organization with women in academic emergency medicine, our place in medicine at large, and the different challenges we have overcome as the organization has grown. Our community is a passionate and supportive one. I embrace that passion and am heartened by the sense of camaraderie each interaction with other AWAEM members offers.

Aside from helping AWAEM strategically cultivate substantive relationships with other organizations that share our mission and can help advance our vision, in this role I would explore opportunities that would partner with us financially. In the role of Vice President: Corporate Development, my goal would be to enhance AWAEM’s presence and reach, provide a supportive environment for those who seek it, and ensure that AWAEM is the resource for those departments who want to enhance their own efforts to improve the standing of women.