Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Amy Zeidan, MD
Emory Department of Emergency Medicine

A ZeidanI graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and then completed an Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Pennsylvania and Emergency Ultrasound Fellow at the University of Kentucky. I became active with AWAEM as the AWAEM Resident Representative during my third and fourth year of residency and was the CORD liaison from 2017-2018. During that time, I joined the AWAEM Awards Committee where I participated in three cycles of Award Recognition activities and co-chaired the Awards Committee, for which I received the AWAEM Momentum Award with my co-chair. Currently, I am the AWAEM treasurer and am a member of the AWAEM Executive Board. Over the past year, I contributed to the AWAEM toolkit and initiated measures to supporting funding mechanisms for AWAEM driven research endeavors. Additionally, I have worked closely with the organization FemInEM over the past 2 years as Finance co-chair, assist with conference planning, and helped launch FemInEM Forward at FIX19.

I am running for AWAEM Treasurer because over the past four years, I have seen the organization grow exponentially and expand initiatives, research and mentorship to an increasing list of AWAEM members. AWAEM leadership and members have pushed academic medicine forward with a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. One of my goals this year is again to increase funding opportunities for AWAEM initiatives and programs. Along similar lines, I hope to increase and highlight funding mechanisms within SAEM and nationally for AWAEM members that continue to support promotional activities including grant writing, manuscript development, speaking, research and leadership. Specifically, I aim to highlight these opportunities to graduating residents and junior faculty to encourage continued engagement in academic emergency medicine. When I was a resident, I was fortunate to have a sponsor who encouraged me to join the AWAEM community. I was welcomed by AWAEM leadership and members with enthusiasm and a commitment to guiding me along my path in academic emergency medicine. Since then, I have gained a research mentor, countless sponsors, recommendations to participate in SAEM research programming and grant writing workshops, assistance with manuscript writing, and job navigation. I am beyond grateful for what the AWAEM community has given to me and am committed to doing the same for other new AWAEM members if elected.