2020-2021 AWAEM Candidate Statements

The Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) 2020-2021 elections will open on January 30, 2020. Balloting information will be made available in AWAEM’s discussion page.

Before casting your vote, please take a few moments to read through the candidate statements listed alphabetically under each position heading.

President-Elect Candidate Statements

Devjani Das, MD
Columbia University

D DasThroughout my career, AWAEM has always played a special role in my professional development. I have been a member of AWAEM since 2013 when I initially started as editor for the AWAEM Awareness Newsletter and chair of the communications committee. At the time, I worked towards revamping the newsletter and bringing more innovative and relevant content to our members. Since 2016, I have also had the honor of serving on the AWAEM Executive Committee board, first as VP of Membership & Engagement (2016-2018) and, now as Secretary (2018-2019 and 2019-2020). I continue to contribute regularly to the AWAEM Awareness Newsletter. More recently, I helped to spearhead some of the plans for the AWAEM 10 Year Anniversary project at the SAEM Conference in May 2019. Every year, I am humbled by the opportunity I have to promote other women by selecting them for awards that highlight their extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to academic medicine. I am currently the Director of Undergraduate Point-of-Care Ultrasound Medical Education and Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. I was previously the Associate Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital – Northwell Health from 2011-2019. I graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine and went on to complete my emergency medicine residency at New York-Presbyterian/Queens in Flushing, NY in 2010. I also completed a postgraduate point of care ultrasound fellowship at NY-Presbyterian/Queens in 2011.

If elected, my overarching plan is to showcase the numerous resources AWAEM provides for female academic physicians at all stages of their career. Specifically, my plan is to expand on the research goals that our research committee has worked diligently to put together. I believe it is vitally important that as an organization, we advocate to continue to conduct high quality research to advance the field of gender equity in emergency medicine. In addition, I would like to expand our footprint within undergraduate medical education by reaching out to our next generation of female academic physicians. By targeting RAMs and other similar organizations, I believe we can garner the support and, ultimately, uplift and retain those rising up in the ranks of academic medicine. It is also important that we recognize the needs of our more experienced physician population. By working to make our membership more inclusive, I believe we can continue to expand by becoming aware of the specific needs of all generations of physicians. I would also like to increase our social media presence by promoting the accomplishments of our members. So many members within AWAEM have achieved so much throughout their careers and AWAEM has done a great job in highlighting some of these. I would also like to see it continue to do so through increasing our scholarship and membership awards.

As anyone I have worked with over the years will attest, I am always happy to take on a challenge, am extremely hard working and devoted to making all of my projects a success. Each year, I try to take a little of what I learn from some of the extraordinary women in this organization and apply it towards my mentorship of our female residents and faculty. I have found the knowledge I have gained from this group of women to be invaluable. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this organization and to continue to build upon the foundation that has been laid.

Elizabeth M. Goldberg, MD, ScM
Brown University

E GoldbergI am a board-certified emergency physician practicing at Rhode Island and Miriam hospitals. I completed my internship, residency, and chief residency at Brown University. I also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Center of Gerontology and Healthcare Research and obtained a Master of Epidemiology. I was promoted to Associate Professor in July 2019.

I have been an active member of AWAEM for over 7 years. First, I served on the didactic committee, where I designed and submitted the first ever AWAEM pre-conference didactic together with Dr. Raukar. I then became the didactic committee chair and finally the Vice President of Education for AWAEM where I oversaw all of our regional and national education efforts. In the past two years I have been working in the role of Vice President of Corporate Development where I championed a promotion guide that has since been endorsed by all SAEM academies and will serve as a valuable tool to promote and retain female faculty.

I am a passionate advocate of women in academic emergency medicine. Locally, I serve as a research mentor to many undergraduates, graduates, medical students and faculty. I look forward to serving as President Elect to continue to offer mentorship to women in our specialty and raise women to prominence in medicine.

I am running for office because I believe we can continue to grow and thrive as an organization. I would like to see our footprint continue to expand. I look forward to fostering more collaborations outside our academy and outside our organization. I think we can do even more work to stop the leaky pipeline of women leaving academia, improve work conditions for our midcareer faculty, and foster a love of academics in our most junior trainees. 

Vice President: Corporate Development Candidate Statements

Neha P. Raukar, MD, MS
Mayo Clinic

N RaukarMy passion for AWAEM is no secret. I have been involved with AWAEM since 2011 and by serving on many of the committees, have hands-on experience with the breadth and depth of this organization which will serve me well as Vice President for Corporate Development. I started as membership chair, growing our fledgling organization, then worked as the didactics chair where I extended AWAEM’s presence during SAEM by creating a preconference curriculum to help develop women in academic emergency medicine and offer networking opportunities outside the main conference, advancing to the Vice Chair for Education position where I supported the didactic, preconference and regional chairs in creating educational opportunities for women in a variety of different forums. As a member of the scholarship review and research committees, I am impressed by the talent of women in academic emergency medicine. I also co-developed the ExCITE didactic, an innovative way to crowdsource and rapidly implement ideas to improve the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in academic emergency medicine.

As I continue my involvement with AWAEM, I believe it is important at this time to ensure that the vision for our organization sees continued growth, input from its members, as well as engagement with other organizations that share our mission and values. While many organizations strive for equity and diversity, the attainment of this goal is fraught with hurdles, in the form of lack of research, strategies, and there is a need for strong faculty development. I have spent my time as a member and on the board of AWAEM listening to many voices and learning about the relationship of our organization with women in academic emergency medicine, our place in medicine at large, and the different challenges we have overcome as the organization has grown. Our community is a passionate and supportive one. I embrace that passion and am heartened by the sense of camaraderie each interaction with other AWAEM members offers.

Aside from helping AWAEM strategically cultivate substantive relationships with other organizations that share our mission and can help advance our vision, in this role I would explore opportunities that would partner with us financially. In the role of Vice President: Corporate Development, my goal would be to enhance AWAEM’s presence and reach, provide a supportive environment for those who seek it, and ensure that AWAEM is the resource for those departments who want to enhance their own efforts to improve the standing of women.

Vice President: Education Candidate Statements

Angela F.Jarman, MD, MPH
University of California, Davis

A JarmanI would be delighted to serve as the VP of Education for AWAEM because this position represents the intersection of my professional passions. While I do have advanced training in sex and gender, my passion is translating knowledge and making this growing body of literature available to physicians and trainees. I have extensive experience in curriculum development for learners of all levels. As a chief resident of education (Utah), I was a leader in developing our didactic curriculum and started a quarterly lecture series that I delivered. At Brown University (fellowship), I both taught a preclinical elective for medical students and developed a novel curriculum for a clinical elective for medical students. At my current institution, I am developing a fellowship in Sex and Gender and I am faculty for our “Medical Humanities” course and the main lecturer for our LGBTQ curriculum for all health professions students (MD/PA/RN/NP). I also serve as our departmental liaison to the Women in Medicine and Health Sciences to support the development of women in my department. I have been involved in education efforts on a national level, creating and leading didactics and workshops at SAEM and the Sex and Gender Health Summit. This year, I chaired our preconference workshop and was able to design a half-day workshop with expert chair-level faculty that will be delivered in May. As I hope is clear, I am passionate about both caring for women as patients and supporting women in academic medicine. This position would allow me to meld those passions and create innovative & valuable programming for AWAEM faculty.

My hope is to serve as VP of Education, thus I aspire to create innovative educational programming. While the entire mission of the Academy is important, I believe that the programming we support at national and regional meetings is one of the main ways in which we demonstrate our purpose and increase membership. It is such a wonderful time to be a woman in academic medicine, and there is a landslide of data coming out that supports many of our anecdotal experiences. Part of our role as an organization for women in medicine is to highlight this data and speed its translation and dissemination. Educational programming is also an important way for us to highlight the intersectionality of many of the issues we discuss, and as such lends itself well to collaborations with other academies, which I would like to focus on if elected.

Kat Ogle, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

K OgleI am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice-President of Education within AWAEM and with your support, I hope to pay forward the tremendous mentorship I’ve received during my active engagement within the academy.

With regard to my education and qualifications, I am a 1st generation college graduate, former RN and completed medical school, EM residency and Ultrasound fellowship at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. I subsequently completed GW’s Master Teacher Leadership Development Program which provided a foundation upon which I am building my academic career. As an Assistant Professor at GW, I work clinically as in 3 hospitals in our system and I am engaged in medical student, resident and fellow education. I am the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Executive Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee for our EM residency and the Medical Director of our GW Training Center. I direct the Medical Education and Leadership Scholarly Concentration at the medical school level as well as a longitudinal clinician educator course. I previously led Ultrasound Integration in Undergraduate Medical Education and Point-of-Care Ultrasound electives. I co-founded our professional development group, GW Emergency Medicine Females or GWEMFEM.

Within SAEM, I have served as the Didactics committee chair for AWAEM for the last 2 years, have worked with our members to develop content which aligns with AWAEM’s mission and presented at last year’s national conference on mentorship as well as the intersection of parenting and academic emergency medicine. This year AWAEM members submitted 17 collaborative proposals, 8 of which have been accepted for this year’s conference and the remainder are being revised for resubmission to other venues. I served as the co-chair of the Task Force on Starting a Women’s Group within AWAEM, collaboratively developed and co-edited a resource toolkit for other academic women physicians desiring to create professional development groups and enhance the parallel mission of AWAEM within their respective institutions. I also co-chaired our regional Mid-Atlantic SAEM meeting.

I am running for VP of Education because I have been on the receiving end of phenomenal mentorship, professional development and growth. I believe the translation of my experience and skills will allow me to open doors for leadership for woman and provide mentorship and guidance to our members. I want to further foster an environment in which open communication and clear goals lead to meaningful and impactful results.

Specifically, in light of what I have learned about the needs of the women academicians in our academy, I plan to:

  • Encourage members to step outside of their comfort zone and assume leadership responsibilities which will challenge them and enhance their professional growth and satisfaction.
  • Work collaboratively to highlight the educational innovations of our members, not only within AWAEM, but also within SAEM and the greater global EM community.
  • Encourage members who deliver didactics at regional and national meetings to expand upon those presentations to develop scholarship which will in turn enhance their potential for promotion.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Vice President: Membership Candidate Statements

Alexandra Mannix, MD
University of Florida College of Medicine Jacksonville

A MannixI received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Certificate in Public Health from the University of Florida. Following my time at the University of Florida, I attended medical school at Florida State University College of Medicine, graduating in 2014. I completed my Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Florida College of Medicine- Jacksonville in 2017. Following residency, I completed a Simulation fellowship at Rush University Medical Center and Cook County Hospital in Chicago. ​I currently serve as an Assistant Professor, Assistant Residency Director, and Assistant Clerkship Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine, as well as the Medical Director for the Center for Simulation Education & Safety Research at the University of Florida-Jacksonville. Additionally, I serve as Editor-In-Chief of sheMD.org, an online virtual community of practice for women in medical training. Within SAEM, I have been very involved with AWAEM and the Simulation Academy. I have served as the AWAEM Regional Meeting co-chair for the past 2 years and have been involved in strategic planning, and didactic submissions. My professional interests include medical education, simulation, women in medicine, and social media in medical education.

I began my involvement with AWAEM during residency, and continued and advanced my involvement during fellowship and my first few years of academic practice. I believe in the importance of AWAEM as I expressed during my 10 year anniversary podcast interview, especially for junior faculty, residents, and medical students. During my time as VP of Membership, I hope to focus on increasing our membership and involvement through the recruitment of junior faculty, residents, and medical students.

Secretary Candidate Statements

Valerie Dobiesz, MD, MPH
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

V DobieszMy educational background includes obtaining my B.S. at Vanderbilt University, my M.D. at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and completing both my emergency medicine residency training and MPH at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My current academic responsibilities and roles include directing internal programs and an international fellowship at the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, being a core faculty at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, serving as co-chair of the Joint Committee on the Status of Women at Harvard Medical School, as well as being faculty co-sponsor for the Harvard Emergency Medicine Residency Women’s Initiative (HWI). My research is focused primarily on medical education and improving maternal health in emergency and remote settings. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the former chair of the AWAEM newsletter committee and to currently serve as the AWAEM VP of Membership on the executive committee. I am also serving on the SAEM Program Committee.

My motivation for running for the AWAEM Secretary position stems from a strong desire to help advance and promote women in academic emergency medicine and to build a stronger and more impactful AWAEM community. Our membership has gone up exponentially which provides a wonderful opportunity for greater engagement and participation. This position is synergistic and mission aligned with the work I am currently doing in my department, residency program, and medical school. I have a long track record in advancing women in medicine through advocacy, activism, mentoring, sponsorship, and community engagement and would bring that enthusiasm and commitment to this position. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience to be actively involved in AWAEM in various capacities and to network and collaborate with extraordinary academicians around the country. If given the opportunity I would continue to serve the AWAEM mission to support and advance women in academic emergency medicine and to work to address the persistent gender disparities and inequities in leadership, salary, and promotion in rank that currently exist. The committee has been active in many activities such as facilitating community building, career development, creating promotion toolkits as well as time management strategies, researching gender disparities, and finding best practices to recruit, retain, and promote women in rank and leadership positions and I would continue to support these and other pressing issues relevant to women in academic medicine.

Melissa Parsons, MD
University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville

M ParsonsI am an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville. I received a Bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of Florida in Gainesville and attended medical school there as well. I, then, completed my Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville and stayed on as faculty, serving as the Assistant Medical Director at their community hospital prior to taking on my current role as Assistant Residency Director for the Emergency Medicine residency program at UF-Jacksonville. I have been involved in AWAEM as a member since graduating from residency and have served for the last two years as the chair of the Wellness Committee. As my role with the Wellness Committee, I was responsible for publication of the AWAEM Time Management lecture packet, including slides and handouts, which was disbursed to AWAEM membership.

After two years serving on the AWAEM leadership team as chair of the Wellness Committee, I have chosen to run for Executive Council as Secretary in order to play a larger part in the growth of our society and its many initiatives. We have seen significant growth in our AWAEM membership over the last few years, and with the recent change in the dues processes, should see continued growth of our Academy’s membership. I believe AWAEM plays a role in improving gender equity in Emergency Medicine, by providing its membership opportunities for networking, mentorship and sponsorship; research and publications; and awards and leadership positions to lead to promotion. By continuing to grow our membership and continuing to grow endeavors such as our letter writer’s bureau or our research grants, we will continue to help more women in Emergency Medicine to achieve promotion in EM. I believe that my personal role as secretary of AWAEM will be to keep the executive board organized and executing the tasks that will push the mission of our society. With organization and energy as two of my key strengths, I look forward to propelling the AWAEM executive board into a successful year.

Treasurer Candidate Statements

Amy Zeidan, MD
Emory Department of Emergency Medicine

A ZeidanI graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and then completed an Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Pennsylvania and Emergency Ultrasound Fellow at the University of Kentucky. I became active with AWAEM as the AWAEM Resident Representative during my third and fourth year of residency and was the CORD liaison from 2017-2018. During that time, I joined the AWAEM Awards Committee where I participated in three cycles of Award Recognition activities and co-chaired the Awards Committee, for which I received the AWAEM Momentum Award with my co-chair. Currently, I am the AWAEM treasurer and am a member of the AWAEM Executive Board. Over the past year, I contributed to the AWAEM toolkit and initiated measures to supporting funding mechanisms for AWAEM driven research endeavors. Additionally, I have worked closely with the organization FemInEM over the past 2 years as Finance co-chair, assist with conference planning, and helped launch FemInEM Forward at FIX19.

I am running for AWAEM Treasurer because over the past four years, I have seen the organization grow exponentially and expand initiatives, research and mentorship to an increasing list of AWAEM members. AWAEM leadership and members have pushed academic medicine forward with a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. One of my goals this year is again to increase funding opportunities for AWAEM initiatives and programs. Along similar lines, I hope to increase and highlight funding mechanisms within SAEM and nationally for AWAEM members that continue to support promotional activities including grant writing, manuscript development, speaking, research and leadership. Specifically, I aim to highlight these opportunities to graduating residents and junior faculty to encourage continued engagement in academic emergency medicine. When I was a resident, I was fortunate to have a sponsor who encouraged me to join the AWAEM community. I was welcomed by AWAEM leadership and members with enthusiasm and a commitment to guiding me along my path in academic emergency medicine. Since then, I have gained a research mentor, countless sponsors, recommendations to participate in SAEM research programming and grant writing workshops, assistance with manuscript writing, and job navigation. I am beyond grateful for what the AWAEM community has given to me and am committed to doing the same for other new AWAEM members if elected.

Resident Member Candidate Statements

Tatiana Moylan, MD
Yale University School of Medicine


Jasmyne Patel, MD
Emory University

J PatelI received my medical education at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and am currently completing my emergency medicine residency at Emory University. During my time in medical school, I served as the faculty recruiter and ultimately, director of the student-run clinic. These positions allowed me to further develop my professional and leadership abilities, something I hope to bring to the AWAEM committee. During my time on the executive board, I successfully recruited several faculty, doubled our student involvement, and took the initiative to increase our clinic dates from once a month to twice a month, thereby increasing the access to medical care. I believe these accomplishments highlight my communication and decision-making skills, my ability to effectively work as part of a team, and my commitment to improving experiences and creating opportunities. I hope to apply these skills for the betterment of women in emergency medicine.

My purpose for running as the Resident Member of the AWAEM committee is to serve as a voice for women residents. My goal is to enhance the female residency experience by creating a sense of community and improving the overall AWAEM outreach. I hope to develop an open platform for healthy discussions regarding the issues and barriers that we as women face during this initial phase of our career, as well as bring awareness to the numerous opportunities that exist for residents to be involved in academics, especially at the national level. Early exposure and access to the AWAEM community has the potential to equip women with a support network, opportunities for involvement, and more positive experiences in emergency medicine, empowering us to thrive in this field and pursue careers in academia.

Taylor Stavely, MD
Emory Emergency Medicine

T StavelyMy name is Taylor Stavely. I’m an Emergency Medicine PGY-2 at Emory University. If my life had taken another path, I’d be a third generation restaurant owner in Memphis, Tennessee. I grew up working in my family’s barbecue restaurant, one mile from Elvis Presley’s Graceland. My childhood of washing dishes, refilling sweet tea glasses, and charming strangers has led me to the practice of emergency medicine. I’ve spent my life asking questions like, “When is the rush going to hit? How many people haven’t been seen yet?”—an internal dialogue developed from years of restaurant work. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the restaurant career I’ve rejected shares so many similarities with the path I’ve chosen—and not just because habitually mopping up barbecue sauce means that I always clean the gel off the ultrasound machine.

If I were elected to serve as the AWAEM Executive Council resident member, my goal would be to become an accessible and active channel between AWAEM, residents, and medical students. As a woman planning to stay in the field of academic emergency medicine, I feel that I have a personal and professional charge to explore the disparity between the number of women in academic medicine and those with promotion past the level of instructor. I am particularly interested in women’s experiences in finding an appropriate mentor as a barrier to achievement. My goal while serving on the council would be to create innovative solutions to develop medical student-resident and resident-faculty mentorship relationships. My specific interest in mentorship has led me to become a leader of a group at my own institution designed for and by women to enhance advancement and retention within academic medicine. I believe that my experience in this program would inform my participation in the AWAEM council and vice versa.

Emergency medicine physicians are like magicians to me, juggling multiple porcelain plates in the air simultaneously in a delicate trick. My life has been, quite literally, the real world version of that: balancing platters of barbecue up to my elbows to serve to hungry Elvis fans. Challenge me to keep it all floating—I’ve been practicing all this time.