SAEM Jeopardy 2019 (AWAEM, ADIEM, and SGEM Interest Group Sponsored)

Emerging new research has underscored the importance of considering the variables of biological sex and gender in patient care, research and medical education. This session is geared towards engaging and educating stake holders in academic EM about the potential influence of these variables on the prevalence, presentation, diagnosis and management of many diseases seen in the ED so that they are more interested in exploring these variables in their own clinical and academic work. In addition, the game will also include important information surrounding the role of implicit bias in patient care and medical education. This again will be joint effort between AWAEM, ADIEM, and Sex and Gender Based Medicine Interest Group.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

- Describe the difference between the variables of biological sex and gender
- Identify at least one disease process seen in the emergency department in which men and women have different prognoses
- Describe at least one biological sex difference in cardiovascular disease