SAEM's Got Talent - Website


Creativity. Education. FOAMed. Show us what you've made and we will highlight it for SAEM20!

SAEM’s Got Talent is a FOAMed-based competition that uses an "America's Got Talent" game show format to showcase the most innovative Free Open-Access Medical Education (FOAMed) creations of the past year. Top social media innovators from the SAEM membership will have seven minutes to impress the audience and a panel of judges with their quality academic EM social media content, including blogs, podcasts, apps, and more! Following a 10-minute review and  commentary by the judges, a "Best of SAEM20" will be named.

We are looking for Free Open-Access Medical Education content that has been made by you. This can be a website, app, podcast, video, the options are intentionally broad to capture the breadth of available resources. Are you a #FOAMed contributor? Present your work at #SAEM20, SAEM's Got Talent. 

During the showcase you will have 7 minutes to present your content and impress upon the crowd and judges!